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Top Rated Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

August 14, 2018

Party Planning-Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Top Rated Kids Birthday Party Places Near MeAs the summer draws near, a new wave of birthdays is on the horizon. In discovering kids birthday party places near me, you may be surprised to find it hard to decide which activity to choose. Selecting a great activity for a birthday party or celebration takes some time and creativity, but should not be a frustrating experience.

Planning a birthday party can be intense, if you do not know where to actually hold the event. While it may seem ideal to have a party at your house, you must consider how your guests will be entertained for an allotted time. Also, you should also think about the age of your birthday boy or girl Quick read more or view full article and the ages of her guests. What is their attention span? What do they enjoy doing? How will you, the party host keep everyone happy while being stress-free yourself?

In your search for the best rated kids birthday party places near me, you may come across Altitude Louisville. Altitude is a large indoor trampoline park with a number of exciting attractions for guests. Because of the many activities available at Altitude, the venue is the perfect choice for celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday.

Things to do-Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

At Altitude, you bring the guests and the venue handles the rest. You do not have to worry about how your party goers will be entertained. In fact, at Altitude they will not run out of things to do. Among the attractions that guests will enjoy, include: trampoline courts, a foam pit, basketball courts tumbling tracks and dodgeball courts. There is also a toddler play area for the smallest children.

Booking Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Booking a party at Altitude means that you will have the perfect party without the stress involved in set-up, clean-up and keeping your guests entertained. Finish off your party with cake and gifts and your mission will be complete with fond memories to boot.
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Indoor Trampoline Dodgeball

August 14, 2018

Play Dodgeball Year-Round

Indoor Trampoline DodgeballAt Altitude, you can play dodgeball all year-round. Great for players of all ages and played with an added twist, Altitude takes the fun game to a whole new level. Now, you can play dodgeball on a sprawling trampoline. The game will be like nothing you have experienced before. Finally, you will be able to bounce and tumble out of your opponents way.

Dodgeball itself is a rather uncomplicated game, which is all the better. In fact, even with the added spin of playing it on a trampoline, the goal remains the same: to knock your opponent out of the game or stay in the game and relish your victory. The rules are easy and the most important one of them all is to Quick read more or view full article have fun.

Having a birthday party? If so, enjoying an activity such as dodgeball will without a doubt keep your guests engaged. Simple fun and plenty of laughs are two things that you are guaranteed to experience when including the attraction at your birthday party or celebration.

Taking Trampoline Dodgeball Games to the Next Level

If you are hoping to take your dodgeball skills to the next level, you can. Altitude offers the opportunity to play on leagues. Participating in a league is a great way to meet new friends and stay active doing a sport you enjoy. Since Altitude is fully-enclosed, you can enjoy playing rain or shine.

Dodgeball is a unique activity for team-building and improving morale among groups, organizations and businesses. Why not plan an outing? The game offers a great opportunity to release energy, practice teamwork and foster bonding.

Providing hours of fun for kids both young and old, Altitude is the ultimate entertainment destination.

Dodgeball is not the only game that you can play at the trampoline park. You can also play basketball, bounce around on the open courts or take a dive into the foam pit. If you’d like to test out your tumbling skills, there are tumbling tracks available as well.
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Best Rated Trampoline Parks

August 14, 2018

Find The Best Trampoline Parks Nearby

Best Rated Trampoline Parks Kids are always looking for something exciting to do, especially on the weekends. Trampoline Parks are a great solution for a family-friendly activity that all can enjoy. In fact, one place where you can surely have a blast is Altitude Louisville. As one of the best rated venues in town, Altitude is the ultimate stop for fun and festivities for all ages.

If you are like most parents, safety is a top priority and definitely something you should consider when searching for an activity. Indoor trampoline parks provide a safe alternative to jumping on a trampoline which might be in someone’s backyard for instance. Altitude is actually fully-enclosed. As a result, guests can try out many maneuvers that they Quick read more or view full article might not otherwise be able to.

Physical activity is something that nearly everyone is looking for and spending time at trampoline parks will certainly give your children a great workout. Kids will be entertained by the number of activities that are available at Altitude, all of which encourage them to keep moving. The benefits of physical activity are numerous for both children and adults who will also enjoy a spirited day at the trampoline park.

Trampoline Parks for Celebrations

Altitude is not just a great pastime, it is also an excellent option for special celebrations. Planning a birthday party or event is now easier to do if you choose Altitude as your party destination. Kids will certainly enjoy spending several hours with friends and parents will appreciate putting together a memorable, hassle-free event.

Great memories are to be made at Altitude where the fun doesn’t stop. Some activities that you and your guests will enjoy include dodgeball, basketball and a foam pit. In addition to all of these fun attractions, guests can test out a number of skills on tumbling tracks. With delicious food and beverage options, complete with entertainment, Altitude is the best place to host your next event.
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Playing Dodgeball on Trampoline

July 15, 2018

A Trampoline Park with Dodgeball Court

Playing Dodgeball on Trampoline

Dodgeball is a game that is suitable for all ages and one that never seems to get old. Both children and adults enjoy playing dodgeball. Now, at Altitude Louisville, there is a fantastic new way to enjoy the game with some unique flair. Have you considered playing dodgeball on a trampoline?

If playing the game on a trampoline is never something you could imagine, Altitude Louisville has made such a fascinating concept a reality. Altitude is a huge entertainment complex which consists of none other than the ever popular trampoline. In fact, there are more ways to enjoy tumbling, jumping and bouncing at Altitude that you could ever dream. Dodgeball happens to be one of several activities which are Quick read more or view full article designed to keep guests entertained.

Dodgeball Games and Activities

Dodgeball at Altitude takes place within an enclosed court. The trampoline allows players to utilize maneuvers that would be otherwise impossible to attempt on a hard floor. In addition to having the opportunity to bounce and flip out of our opponents way, the game provides an excellent workout for the entire body. If you are looking for a fun way to work up a sweat or get active, dodgeball at Altitude Louisville is a great way to start.

Everyone can enjoy playing a game of dodgeball at Altitude. For example, you do not have to book a private party to get in on the action. You can play what is called a “pick-up” game just for fun. Guests can also simply practice playing the game without actually competing. Competition is not for everyone and some people just enjoy playing for kicks.

Serious players that are looking to compete can join gaming leagues and enter tournaments which is always a great time. Such games can be a great way to build morale and encourage camaraderie.  Moreover, joining a league is a great way to meet some new people and make new friends.

Altitude also offers the option of booking a court for a private party which is an added plus for party planners who painstakingly select event activities. Private events can be perfect for birthday parties, team building days or a private gathering with friends to celebrate life’s milestones.
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Options for Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

July 15, 2018

Best Choice for Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Options for Kids Birthday Party Places Near MeHave you ever searched for kids birthday party places near me and been disappointed with the results? You are probably not alone. Everyday people are scouring the web in search of a unique venue to celebrate a child’s birthday. Birthday parties are supposed to be memorable occasions but when you cannot come up with any good ideas ideas, the planning experience can often be a challenge.

Consider booking an event at Altitude Louisville, your ultimate destination to conclude your search for kids birthday party places near me. Altitude is a huge indoor trampoline park that is fully-enclosed and perfect for any special occasion. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or significant milestone, Altitude Louisville Quick read more or view full article will certainly not disappoint.

Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me for All Ages


At Altitude, there is something available for all ages, starting at age 7 and up, which makes it a wonderful choice when you are wondering about the best kids birthday party places near me. First, kids can simply enjoy bouncing, flipping and tumbling around an open court that is enclosed. Next, if your guests enjoy other sports, Altitude will deliver. There is a basketball court and dodgeball court available for play. Why not liven up your birthday gathering with a really cool twist on your favorite sports?

In the event that your party guests will include younger children, a toddler play area is also available. There is so much to do that children will never get bored at Altitude Louisville. One of the toughest challenges in planning a birthday party is ensuring that there are enough activities to keep children engaged. If you decide to book your event at the trampoline park, you can be certain that your party goers will stay busy.

Keep the fun in your event planning and let Altitude Louisville handle all of the details including setting up your party and cleaning up once your birthday party concludes. This arrangement allows you time to actually enjoy spending time at the party which is often hard to do if you are also playing host or hostess.


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