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Altitude Trampoline Louisville

Easiest Kids Party Ever

May 18, 2019

Plan A Great Kids Party Fast

kids partyHaving a birthday party is a must, especially for younger children who love to invite their friends, classmates and families along to celebrate. Planning a memorable kids party is easier than it may seem at first glance. Achieving party perfection does take time, effort and a little bit of practice. Once you ditch the extravagant plans and turn to simple ideas, you will be throwing the party of the year without a hitch. 

The best kids party is all about the experience. What do you want your birthday boy or girl to remember the most. Really young children may not remember a great deal without some pictures and great stories while older children will definitely bank the event away in their memory. Altitude Louisville Quick read more or view full article is a great party venue choice because not only will kids enjoy hours of fun while jumping on massive trampolines, but they will without a doubt remember the experience.

Book a Kids Party With Ease

Hosting a celebration at Altitude is easy. Your kids party planning will allow you to have all of your activities in a single location. Need food, Altitude has it. In need of an entertaining activity for a couple of hours? Altitude is the entertainment. Altitude Louisville is a indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. Jumping and bouncing around for hours is an activity that any kid would love but at Altitude there is even more to explore. 

The sporty kids in your group will enjoy playing basketball and dodgeball on trampoline courts. There is a foam pit as well as tumbling tracks for plenty of additinoal play. So, not only can children enjoy free play but they can battle it out in a friendly game of dodgeball or basketball. Parents can join in on the fun in this highly-interactive and exciting indoor playground. Altitude has something for everyone which makes it an ideal celebration destination. 

The entertainment complex makes it very easy to book your celebrations. In fact, you can just go online to book your party. Simply select the number of guests that will be in attenance and your party options. Pizza is included or you can order your own. You are able to bring your own cake to the celebration and decorations for your party area. Altitude will assign a staff member to help with the setup and cleanup of your event which means there is less for you to do and more time to enjoy the party.  Read Less
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Affordable Kids Parties

May 18, 2019

Budget-Friendly Kids Parties

affordable kids partiesPlanning parties for children can be both exciting and frustrating but certainly worth the trouble. Throwing events does not necessarily mean that you need to break your budget. While it is perfectly normal to want to host an extravagant event, simple is sometimes the best way to go. Though older teens may desire over-the-top events, younger children are often happy to receive some gifts, have a great cake and partake in fun activities with friends and family members.

Altitude Louisville is an ideal option for children's parties. The venue is a large indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex designed for everyday visits and celebrations. You can choose to hold a party at Altitude or perhaps just spend a day there with a small group as Quick read more or view full article a pastime. There are many attractions at the complex which are perfect for children of all ages and sizes. 

Attractions at Kids Parties

Every celebration should have some activities associated with it to keep the guests engaged. Two hours can seem like a long time if it is not filled with activity outside of cake and opening gifts in the case of birthday parties. Certain party venues can present some limitations when it comes to entertainment. If you are looking for something a notch above the usual, consider booking your next celebration with Altitude. 

Altitude offers several attractions which are age appropriate. All of the activities incorporate the trampoline which adds a special twist to the entire experience, one that you will not get anywhere else. There is a basketball court, a dodgeball court and a foam pit. Smaller children can enjoy a toddler play area and kids who like to test their tumbling skills can spend time on the tumbling tracks. The trampoline park is fully-enclosed and open rain or shine. 

Booking parties with Altitude Louisville means that you do not have to hassle with hosting an event in mulitple locations. Moreover, you can host guests elswhere besides your home where cleanup can become cumbersome. At Altitude, kids can eat, play and play some more. Setting up your party is easy and can be done online. Simply book your event and select your party options. 

You will be assigned a staff member that will be on hand to assist with your party for setup and clean up. You are allowed to bring a cake and you can either order pizza at the venue or order your own. In any case, the main event will be the trampoline park which is certain to deliver hours of fun, making for a memorable party for your entire group.  Read Less
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Hosting A Trampoline Party

May 18, 2019

Celebrate with a Trampoline Party

Hosting a trampoline party is a unique idea for kids of all ages. In fact, you can celebrate almost any ocassion at a trampoline park such as Altitude Louisville. Planning a group gathering should not be a stressful matter. When you choose to hold your celebration at an indoor trampoline park, many of your typical party planning problems are already solved. One of the main reasons why hosting a party at Altitude is a great idea is because the venue is a one-stop shop for fun. 

Anytime an activity is centered around a trampoline you can be sure of a few things. First, kids attending your event will have hours of fun. Children at a trampoline party will never get bored and most importantly they will be very active, getting rid of some energy while engaging with other children in a safe Quick read more or view full article environment. You simply cannot go wrong with a trampoline celebration. Everyone in your party will remember it; everyone in your party will have fun. 

The idea of a trampoline party is taken to the next level at Altitude Louisville where there are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. There is a basketball court, a dodgeball court, foam pit and tumbling tracks where children can flex their skills or just tumble for fun. Since all of the attractions are indoors, the venue makes a great choice for entertainment, rain or shine. While it may be ideal to hold celebrations during the warmer months, it is not always practical or possible since celebrations can literally occur any time during the year. 

Trampoline Party Venue

Altitude Louisville is centrally located which means that it is an accessible venue and likely convenient for all of your guests. You certainly will love your trampoline party and so will your guests. Moreover, the birthday boy or girl will also love celebrating his or her birthday at the entertainment complex because the fun really never stops. 

Hosting a celebration should be free from headaches and an affordable option for youth of all ages. At Altitude, everything is taken care of for you. Simply bring your birthday crew and get ready to make some awesome memories. Set-up, clean up and even pizza is included during your visit. A staff member will help you get your party set up and also clean up your area once your event is over. This arrangment eliminates stressful moments and allows you to focus on enjoying the moment with your friends and loved ones. 

If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate an occassion, check out Altitude Louisville for a fantastic experience that is both entertaining and memorable. Book your event online and select your additions. You can order pizza or bring your own. Don't forget the cake!  Read Less
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Incredible Kids Party Made Simple

April 17, 2019

The Ultimate Kids Party

kids partyPlanning the ultimate kids party takes some organization and a little bit of patience. The truth is planning an event can be stressful though it really shouldn’t be. If anything, strategizing the perfect event should be fun. With a few simple tricks however, you can plan the best kids party without the hassle.

When planning a party, you should ensure that you have ample time for what else?  Planning! Allow yourself plenty of time to work out all of the details so that your event will go off without a hitch. Early on, you should make the following key decisions to get you started on your party planning quest:

Where will you hold the event?
When will you hold Quick read more or view full article the event?
How long will your event be?

The type of party and number of guests will largely determine some of the important steps in the entire process. If you are looking for a place that can accommodate a small or large party, consider Altitude Louisville, a popular indoor trampoline park for children of all ages. Altitude is the perfect place to hold a kids party.

Kids Party Theme

Choosing a theme is a fun step in planning a kids party that allows you to be creative. Think about your child’s favorite characters or special interests when selecting a theme. Work those items into your invitations, decorations, serving items and goodie bags. Altitude takes care of the venue however, you can bring your owned themed party essentials to add to your celebration.

While planning your event, always keep your budget in mind. Consider how much you would like to spend on the venue, invitations, decorations, food, beverage and any additional details. Budgeting can help you save money and allocating expenses so that you can get the most of your party without additional stress.

Altitude provides the ultimate entertainment experience for a fraction of the cost of hosting parties elsewhere. In fact, your guests can enjoy jumping, playing basketball and dodgeball on fully-enclosed courts. If you choose, you can include pizza with your event and the setup and cleanup is taken care of by event staff on site. Instead of stressing over choosing a venue and an activity to entertain kids, you can focus on other details or simply join the fun.
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Exciting Kids Parties

April 17, 2019

Best Kids Parties

partiesThrowing kids parties is plenty of fun. It’s the planning portion of the entire party experience that can sometimes be a little overwhelming. With Altitude Louisville, you do not have to go it alone when it comes to planning your next kids party. In fact, Altitude is the best place to hold a celebration for children of all ages.

Most children enjoy a simple party that purely fun. Altitude Louisville is the ideal party stop for enjoyment without all of the additional hassle. Kids will love spending a couple of hours jumping on huge trampolines within the the indoor park. There are plenty of other activities as well.

While the trampoline is center to the entire Altitude experience. There is so much more for Quick read more or view full article children to do as well. For example, kids can play basketball and dodgeball, on a trampoline! There are tumbling tracks and even a foam pit. Younger children can enjoy a toddler play area. Pizza parties are also the best, and at Altitude, your guests can enjoy both pizza and the party itself.

Memorable Kids Parties

Parents will enjoy Altitude too. Compared to other types of parties that can be organized, a trampoline party is likely one of the easiest ones that you can do. In fact, since everything takes place at the venue, the guests simply have to show up. Booking an event is easy because it can be done online through the website. Additionally, parental waivers can be filled out online to shorten the wait time upon arrival on the day of the event. The overall process is so much easier which allows parents to focus on other aspects of the party such as  filling up goodie bags.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your child’s birthday, then consider Altitude Louisville is your number one choice. Kids will enjoy hours of fun with friends and family while parents can either jump in or spend time snapping some memorable photos. Altitude has something for everyone which it is worth considering the complex as a venue for your next celebration.
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