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Dodgeball Birthdays

August 14, 2017

Plan an Awesome Dodgeball Birthday Party

DodgeballSummer is coming to a fast end but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to. If you haven’t thought about Dodgeball as a possibility, you totally should. In fact, as school begins parents will be looking for new and creative ways to celebrate their children’s birthdays. After all, you simply cannot do the same activity that you did last year. Classmates will be looking to enjoy some good times with friends doing something unique. A dodgeball birthday party at Altitude is a great way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. As the cooler weather approaches and outdoor picnics and pool parties are a thing of summer’s past, dodgeball provides a great indoor alternative that is equally as enjoyable. Kids will have the opportunity to squeeze in a good workout, enjoy plenty of laughs and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dodgeball for Kids, Teens, and Adults

The game is age-old however, Altitude offers a unique twist for both kids and adults to enjoy. The games take place inside of enclosed courts and best of all participants can get an extreme workout by bouncing on trampolines while playing. Now this is something that kids will not be able to do in a traditional gym class setting. Let the games begin! There is plenty of fun to be had for kids ages 7 years old all the way through 18 and up. Even if you do not happen to have an occasion to celebrate, you can always head to Altitude for just for the fun of it. Outside of private parties, the trampoline park offers leagues, pickup games, and daily practices designed to get your game strong. Dodgeball is a fantastic way to break from the norm and work up some sweat on the court.
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