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Indoor Dodgeball Games

March 18, 2018

Dodgeball Games Indoor Events

Indoor Dodgeball GamesDodgeball is an exciting game for all to enjoy. You can now play the game at Altitude Louisville trampoline park designed for hours of fun. Altitude provides plenty of opportunities to play in a fully-enclosed area. Although typically the game is played inside of a gym or outside, you can play any time of the year even when the weather is not permitting at the indoor sports complex.

At Altitude, the game of dodgeball has a fresh new spin because while you play, you are able to jump around on the trampolines. This dynamic action creates a unique challenge for opponents who will do their best to knock you out of the game. The environment creates a unique opportunity to try out some new skills and take the popular game to new heights, literally.

Having a birthday party? Then, Altitude is the place to host an unforgettable event. Gather your friends and be sure to throw in a game of dodgeball to enhance the experience. Not only will your guests enjoy plenty of laughs but you will also make some fantastic memories. Altitude will have you, your friends and your family wanting to return for more, and you can.

Dodgeball Leagues

Even if you are not hosting a festive event, you can simply head on over to Altitude to join in a pickup game of dodgeball. You just might be able to meet some new friends while engaging in friendly competition.

If you are a major fan of competitive games however, Altitude also has gaming leagues. Join a league if you are serious about the game and looking for even more action on the court. The activity is not only exciting but offers a great full-body workout.

In the event that you are looking to bring together a workgroup or team for a morale-building activity, then check out Altitude. Can you think of a better way to get your team motivated? Foster a positive environment, teamwork and set aside some time to have fun with your co-workers at Altitude.

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