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Playing Dodgeball Indoors

June 17, 2018

Dodgeball-Rain or Shine

playing_dodgeball_indoorsIf you remember playing dodgeball in school, you will certainly understand why kids look forward to playing it. As a game that is highly competitive and filled with action, dodgeball is a timeless classic that now has a totally new spin. At Altitude Louisville, an indoor trampoline park, guests can now enjoy playing one of their favorite games on a fully-enclosed trampoline court.

Dodgeball is not a complicated game. Moreover, people of all ages can partake in playing the game at Altitude. Playing on the trampolines is an added twist that you will not find anywhere else. In fact, playing the game on a trampoline not only gives players a great workout, but also allows them to test out a variety of new maneuvers. Such moves simply cannot be done on a regular playing field. Playing on a trampoline will allow players to jump, bounce, tumble and flip their way to a potential win which is critical for staying in the game!

Altitude also offers pick-up games and the opportunity to play on a league if you are looking for regular competition.

Having a birthday party? If so, playing the game is a great way to keep guests entertained while allowing parts to capture some pretty awesome photo opportunities.

Dodgeball and Other Activities at Altitude Louisville

While dodgeball is a fantastic way to get active, it may not be for everyone and that is certainly okay! There are plenty of other activities to enjoy at Altitude Louisville, thus making it a great destination for the whole squad. If dodgeball isn’t your thing, perhaps you might enjoy a game of basketball.

In addition to such popular activities, Altitude also offers an open trampoline court, tumbling tracks and for the smallest adventurers, a toddler area. There is no limit to the amount of fun that can be had at the popular entertainment venue.
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