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Kids Trampoline Party

February 25, 2019

Trampoline Party Time

kids trampoline partyAltitude Louisville is a great event concept for every age. Also, there is something for every person to appreciate, event adults too! Children above all will certainly love the brand-new spin that Altitude adds on the concept of the trampoline. A trampoline party is an easy gathering. In fact,  you can commemorate virtually any kind of celebration without going too far overboard or getting frustrated during planning.

Having a trampoline party is a fresh idea that you might not have thought about in your past event brainstorming. While there are any number of ways that you can celebrate an occasion, trampoline festivities will not only be memorable, but keep your party guests entertained.


Trampoline Party Location

If you are searching for excellent methods to commemorate an upcoming birthday or perhaps a unique event, think about hosting a trampoline party.  You do not have to go out of your way to find an excellent location for your occasion. Located for easy access from all points in the city, Altitude Louisville is the best choice for a trampoline event.

Trampoline Party Attractions for Kids

There are many entertaining attractions at Altitude that can be included as part of your event. Children will be engaged for roughly two hours with the fantastic list of activities below:

Tumbling Tracks
Foam Pit
Basketball and Dodgeball Courts
Toddler Playground
Enclosed Trampoline Area

As you can see, Altitude takes the simplicity of the trampoline up a notch and provides an excellent alternative to the typical birthday party celebrations that might otherwise be rather boring after several years.

In addition to Altitude’s great location, the event venue is fully-enclosed so you can visit rain or shine which does not have to dampen your party plans.

Booking your party with Altitude is easy. You can set up your party reservation through the website. Simply select the number of guests, your event date and extras. You will need adults to sign a participation waiver and that is also available online as well. While Altitude does offer pizza and water, you can bring your own decorations and cake. A party host will be on hand to help you with set-up and clean-up so that you can focus on having fun.
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