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Kids Parties Year-Round

August 11, 2019

Kids Parties Any Time 

partiesKids parties happen year-round but not every venue is ideal due to seasonal changes and inclement weather. It is certainly no fun when a summer barbecue, beach day or spring picnic celebration is dashed due to do rainy conditions. While there should always be a plan B for party venues, selecting one doesn't always come to mind as part of the entire planning process. You can avoid the frustrations of a change of party location by choosing an indoor venue that is available year-round. Indoor playgrounds are a great place to have a celebration without the worry of cancelling or rescheduling due to unexpected weather changes. 

Altitude Louisville is an excellent option for hosting parties any time of the year. The venue is an indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex designed for children of all ages. There is plenty to do at Altitude and your guests can spend a couple of hours enjoying the many attractions which have made Altitude Louisville a popular stop for fun. Due to the fact that Altitude includes everything that you need in one place to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday, it eliminates may of the frustrations tied to party planning. 

Exciting Trampoline Parties

Trampoline parties are unique which is why kids love them. Not only can guests enjoy jumping around for hours on fully-enclosed trampolines, but there are other activities to enjoy as well. At Altitude Louisville there are tumbling tracks to practice all types of moves. Kids can play games such as basketball and dodgeball on trampoline courts. There is also a foam pit and a toddler play area. 

Birthday parties at Altitude Louisville are a great idea. In fact, you can choose to celebrate in a private room or an open seating area. Throw in some pizza, beverages and cake for the perfect finish and your party will be all set. You and your guests simply have to show up, have fun and share memorable stories about the best birthday party ever hosted at none other than Altitude Louisville. 
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