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Plan a Great Kids Party

August 11, 2019

Best Kids Party Ideas

Is it time for you to plan a kids party? If so, look no further than Altitude Louisville as the premier party destination for children of all ages. Altitude is an indoor trampoline park with plenty of attractions to enjoy. Providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike, Altitude Louisville is centrally located and a breeze to find, a plus for your party guests. Planning a party should be relatively hassle-free, why not make it easier by hosting your event at a place that delivers it all. Below are a few helpful tips to get you started on the road to planning your first great trampoline event.

Helpful Party Planning Tips 

One of the first things that you should do is select a venue. With Altitude Louisville, the job is already done for you. Although Altitude is located in a place that is easy to find, don't forget to include the address and contact information on your invitations for people that may need to navigate further away to your engagement. 

Send out your invitations without delay. Early on in your kids party planning activities, you should create a list of guests that you would like to invite. A good rule of thumb is to invite the number of guests that match the age of your child so that the party is not too overwhelming. Decide if you will also invite siblings and if parents are welcome to stay and join in on the fun or if they are allowed to drop their children off. Ensure that you accomodate enough space for chaperones if parents will be dropping their children off for the duration of the party. Consider choosing a rally point to meet up with your guests and a place for parent pickups once the party ends. Specify an accurate start and end time for the party. It is a good idea to allow some additional time for cleaning up after your event as well. 

Booking a party with Altitude Louisville is easy. You can select your party packages online through the company website. Simple choose how many people will be attending and if you would like to include pizza. You may also have your party in a private room or celebrate in an open seating area. Leave room on your guest list for last minute add-ons or people that may R.S.V.P. late. 

Altitude Louisville offers plenty of activities for children to enjoy such as a dodgeball court, basketball court and foam pit. Just because you host your party at an indoor park versus at home does not mean that you have to skip the personalization aspect. While the trampoline park provides the entire experience, you can also make it your own by bringing themed paper goods and utensils, table centerpieces and decorative balloons. You can work a theme that your child loves into party invitations, goodie bags and of course the cake. Pizza can be included or you can order from a local supplier near by. 

Often after a great party and once many cool gifts are received, people do forget to send out thank you notes. Sending thank you notes is a great way to show appreciation for your guests venturing out to celebrate with you. You can include with your thank you note, a printed group photo to commemorate a fun day at Altitude with friends and family. Book your next kids party at Altitude Louisville and start creating new memories. 
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