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Planning Great Parties

October 9, 2019

Best Parties for Kids

partiesKeeping children entertained at parties is probably the most important aspect of any birthday celebration. Parents who are looking for cost-effective ways to  keep guests engaged should consider hosting a party at a trampoline park. Altitude Louisville is a large, indoor trampoline complex where kids can spend a couple of hours jumping and flipping on the apparatus. In fact, Altitude has trampolines all over the place and it really doesn’t end there.

Parties can get really dull if there is not some type of activity happening for the duration of the event. Party planners often struggle with finding ways to fill in gaps of time with entertaining activities for children who may grow tired of doing the same thing over and over again. One way to avoid planning issues, is to map out a tentative schedule of activities so that you can make the most of time spent. Start your schedule with a rough outline indicating all of the possibilities. 

Children’s parties usually involve time for the guests to arrive with snacks, a block of time for play or entertainment as well as additional time to open gifts, read cards and time allocated for food and beverage. Children grow hungry and thirsty when playing for an hour or two, so be sure to allocate enough time to enjoy food and drinks, but understand that children will certainly want to run off and play again. In this case, two blocks of activities may be appropriate. 

Scheduling Kids Parties

When considering the ages of children at your party, you should limit the number of activities accordingly. Altitude Louisville is a great venue that will allow you to maintain a reasonable party schedule while delivering food, beverages and of course a few hours of fun especially for your parties. 

Booking kids parties at the trampoline park means that all of your party activities will take place in one building. Children may enjoy pizza and water as well as plenty of jumping time. Additional attractions at the trampoline park include a foam pit, basketball court and dodgeball court. There will also be time allowed for celebrating with cake as well. Cleanup is handled by the staff on-site which will free parents up. If you are looking for a party experience that is full of fun and free of stress, consider hosting your next event at Altitude Louisville.
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