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Trampoline Party Made Easy

January 22, 2020

Kids Trampoline Party

trampoline_partyAltitude Louisville takes the hassle out of party planning with a trampoline party made easy. Planning any gathering takes a little time and effort however, a party at Altitude is virtually effortless. If you are looking for something original, yet simple to enjoy for your next kids birthday party, then consider hosting your next function at Altitude Louisville. 

Kinds enjoy being active and what better way to get them up and on the move, then having them spend time at a trampoline party for a couple of hours. Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to achieve a fun workout with friends. Altitude is the perfect place for children of all ages and there are plenty of activities for everyone. 

Trampoline Party Activities 

Parents often get frustrated when going to extremes with planning parties for children. Children enjoy simple fun. Having a trampoline party is an ideal way to keep children entertained. They will never grow bored of jumping around Altitude Louisville’s wall-to-wall trampolines. Additional activities include a foam pit, dodgeball court, basketball court and tumbling tracks. For smaller children, there is also a toddler play area. 

Parties are also easy to manage at Altitude Louisville because the set-up and clean-up is handled by the staff. All parents really have to do is bring the guests, a cake and some additional swag if desired. There is an option to include pizza which most kids enjoy. Parents and party planners can personalize the experience by working in a unique theme or special characters into items such as plates, napkins, cups and centerpieces for the tables. You may choose to celebrate in a private room or in an open area. 

 The fun never stops at Altitude Louisville so jump in and get ready to bounce and flip. Test your skills and take adventure to new heights. Explore the many attractions that Altitude Louisville has to offer. Book your next party at the largest indoor trampoline park around. 
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