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Places to Play Dodgeball

September 17, 2018

Trampoline Dodgeball

Places to Play DodgeballTrampoline dodgeball is quickly becoming a popular activity for kids both young and old. Altitude Louisville provides an excellent venue to play the game with friends or even on a team. The trampoline offers an added twist to the game by allowing players to jump, bounce and try new maneuvers to either take out an opponent or stay in the game.

Dodgeball is a game that is easy to play so just about anyone can get in on the action. The balls that are used for playing the game are soft so there is little worry about injury. Playing on the trampoline is the ultimate experience.  Simple rules combined with trampoline fun makes for one memorable experience.

At Altitude Louisville, Quick read more or view full article you can play dodgeball individually in a pick-up game. Also, you can play on a team with a group of friends. If you are more serious about competition, there are also leagues available. Joining a league is a great way to make new friends and establish new connections.

Trampoline Dodgeball Events

Finding locations to celebrate special milestones is sometimes a daunting task. After so many parties the creative juices stop flowing and you eventually run out of good ideas. When planning a party it is a good idea to consider how many guests are in attendance, what their ages are and how they can all be entertained at once?

Altitude takes the guesswork out of party planning by providing a venue that is complete with entertainment for all. From team building activities to group outings, a trampoline park is an ideal venue with something for everyone. Dodgeball is a game that most people enjoy with ease

Trampoline dodgeball is a great addition to a birthday party or special occasion. You can celebrate virtually any type of event by bringing a group of people together at Altitude. The game can provide hours of entertainment for your guests.
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Indoor Trampoline Dodgeball

August 14, 2018

Play Dodgeball Year-Round

Indoor Trampoline DodgeballAt Altitude, you can play dodgeball all year-round. Great for players of all ages and played with an added twist, Altitude takes the fun game to a whole new level. Now, you can play dodgeball on a sprawling trampoline. The game will be like nothing you have experienced before. Finally, you will be able to bounce and tumble out of your opponents way.

Dodgeball itself is a rather uncomplicated game, which is all the better. In fact, even with the added spin of playing it on a trampoline, the goal remains the same: to knock your opponent out of the game or stay in the game and relish your victory. The rules are easy and the most important one of them all is to Quick read more or view full article have fun.

Having a birthday party? If so, enjoying an activity such as dodgeball will without a doubt keep your guests engaged. Simple fun and plenty of laughs are two things that you are guaranteed to experience when including the attraction at your birthday party or celebration.

Taking Trampoline Dodgeball Games to the Next Level

If you are hoping to take your dodgeball skills to the next level, you can. Altitude offers the opportunity to play on leagues. Participating in a league is a great way to meet new friends and stay active doing a sport you enjoy. Since Altitude is fully-enclosed, you can enjoy playing rain or shine.

Dodgeball is a unique activity for team-building and improving morale among groups, organizations and businesses. Why not plan an outing? The game offers a great opportunity to release energy, practice teamwork and foster bonding.

Providing hours of fun for kids both young and old, Altitude is the ultimate entertainment destination.

Dodgeball is not the only game that you can play at the trampoline park. You can also play basketball, bounce around on the open courts or take a dive into the foam pit. If you’d like to test out your tumbling skills, there are tumbling tracks available as well.
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Playing Dodgeball on Trampoline

July 15, 2018

A Trampoline Park with Dodgeball Court

Playing Dodgeball on Trampoline

Dodgeball is a game that is suitable for all ages and one that never seems to get old. Both children and adults enjoy playing dodgeball. Now, at Altitude Louisville, there is a fantastic new way to enjoy the game with some unique flair. Have you considered playing dodgeball on a trampoline?

If playing the game on a trampoline is never something you could imagine, Altitude Louisville has made such a fascinating concept a reality. Altitude is a huge entertainment complex which consists of none other than the ever popular trampoline. In fact, there are more ways to enjoy tumbling, jumping and bouncing at Altitude that you could ever dream. Dodgeball happens to be one of several activities which are Quick read more or view full article designed to keep guests entertained.

Dodgeball Games and Activities

Dodgeball at Altitude takes place within an enclosed court. The trampoline allows players to utilize maneuvers that would be otherwise impossible to attempt on a hard floor. In addition to having the opportunity to bounce and flip out of our opponents way, the game provides an excellent workout for the entire body. If you are looking for a fun way to work up a sweat or get active, dodgeball at Altitude Louisville is a great way to start.

Everyone can enjoy playing a game of dodgeball at Altitude. For example, you do not have to book a private party to get in on the action. You can play what is called a “pick-up” game just for fun. Guests can also simply practice playing the game without actually competing. Competition is not for everyone and some people just enjoy playing for kicks.

Serious players that are looking to compete can join gaming leagues and enter tournaments which is always a great time. Such games can be a great way to build morale and encourage camaraderie.  Moreover, joining a league is a great way to meet some new people and make new friends.

Altitude also offers the option of booking a court for a private party which is an added plus for party planners who painstakingly select event activities. Private events can be perfect for birthday parties, team building days or a private gathering with friends to celebrate life’s milestones.
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Playing Dodgeball Indoors

June 17, 2018

Dodgeball-Rain or Shine

playing_dodgeball_indoorsIf you remember playing dodgeball in school, you will certainly understand why kids look forward to playing it. As a game that is highly competitive and filled with action, dodgeball is a timeless classic that now has a totally new spin. At Altitude Louisville, an indoor trampoline park, guests can now enjoy playing one of their favorite games on a fully-enclosed trampoline court.

Dodgeball is not a complicated game. Moreover, people of all ages can partake in playing the game at Altitude. Playing on the trampolines is an added twist that you will not find anywhere else. In fact, playing the game on a trampoline not only gives players a great workout, but also allows them to test out a variety of new maneuvers. Such moves simply Quick read more or view full article cannot be done on a regular playing field. Playing on a trampoline will allow players to jump, bounce, tumble and flip their way to a potential win which is critical for staying in the game!

Altitude also offers pick-up games and the opportunity to play on a league if you are looking for regular competition.

Having a birthday party? If so, playing the game is a great way to keep guests entertained while allowing parts to capture some pretty awesome photo opportunities.

Dodgeball and Other Activities at Altitude Louisville

While dodgeball is a fantastic way to get active, it may not be for everyone and that is certainly okay! There are plenty of other activities to enjoy at Altitude Louisville, thus making it a great destination for the whole squad. If dodgeball isn’t your thing, perhaps you might enjoy a game of basketball.

In addition to such popular activities, Altitude also offers an open trampoline court, tumbling tracks and for the smallest adventurers, a toddler area. There is no limit to the amount of fun that can be had at the popular entertainment venue.
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Fun Dodgeball Places

May 21, 2018

Fun Dodgeball Places for Kids
Fun Dodgeball Places

You do not have to look very far in Louisville for a fun place to play dodgeball. In fact, Altitude Louisville is the premier destination for non-stop fun. The trampoline park is a great place to enjoy a game of dodgeball which is quite different than what you may be used to. The entertainment complex is home to a variety of fun activities for guests of all ages.

Dodgeball is an amazingly simple game that almost everyone can play. Most people are familiar with the rules which are not complicated at all. Actually, almost everyone has played a game of dodgeball at one time or another. The difference at Altitude is that the game is played on trampolines which is sure to offer Quick read more or view full article even more excitement.

At Altitude Louisville, you can practice skills while bouncing away from your opponents. Players will enjoy the freedom of tumbling, bouncing and somersaulting their way throughout the court in an experience that consists of non-stop action. One thing is for sure, you can expect to make some awesome memories while also working up quite a sweat!

Dodgeball for the Whole Family


If you are in search of a unique way to entertain your family and friends, then Altitude is a great option. Why not get out of the house and get moving? Even if you are not a fan of dodgeball, there are many other activities that your guests can enjoy. The entertainment complex offers games such as basketball and even a toddler area for the littlest ones in your group.

Altitude offers something for everyone and of course of dodgeball is your game of choice, you will not be disappointed. There are also opportunities to play pick-up games, join a league or even participate in team building activities for your business or organization which is an excellent way to build morale. A trampoline park is an excellent escape from the mundane, allowing you to release energy and squeeze in a great workout while you are at it.



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Dodgeball Places

April 15, 2018

Dodgeball Venues

dodgeball placesIf you have been looking for a venue that specializes in dodgeball, look no further than Altitude. Altitude is a fun and exciting trampoline park and entertainment complex, designed with you in mind. It is no secret that fans of the game dodgeball come in all ages. Altitude is fantastic attraction that is certain to please your inner athlete.

Most kids are familiar with the game of dodgeball because they usually play it in physical education or gym class. Regardless of your experience with the game, it is safe to say that most players end up having a great time. Overall the game is challenging and while you may not think that getting hit with a ball is actually fun, the best part is trying to avoid getting Quick read more or view full article hit or perhaps attempting to knock a few opponents out of the game. If anything, you are guaranteed to finish out the game with plenty of laughs.

Altitude has turned the traditional game of dodgeball into some serious high-flying action. The entertainment venue provides enclosed courts and giant trampolines for players to bounce on while playing. The combination of features provides for an intense activity which is certain to leave you revved up with load of energy. Not only can you bounce on the trampolines, but if you are daring, you can flip and tumble making it even tougher for your opponents to knock you out of the game.

Dodgeball Birthdays

Spending the day at Altitude is a great way to enjoy hanging out with friends and family on the weekend, but you can also play dodgeball at a birthday event. If you happen to be looking for a unique way to celebrate an occasion such as a birthday, then Altitude has plenty in store for you and your guests. Dodgeball is an interactive game that almost anyone can play. The rules are simple and playing on a trampoline is an added twist.
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Indoor Dodgeball Games

March 18, 2018

Dodgeball Games Indoor Events

Indoor Dodgeball GamesDodgeball is an exciting game for all to enjoy. You can now play the game at Altitude Louisville trampoline park designed for hours of fun. Altitude provides plenty of opportunities to play in a fully-enclosed area. Although typically the game is played inside of a gym or outside, you can play any time of the year even when the weather is not permitting at the indoor sports complex.

At Altitude, the game of dodgeball has a fresh new spin because while you play, you are able to jump around on the trampolines. This dynamic action creates a unique challenge for opponents who will do their best to knock you out of the game. The environment creates a unique opportunity to try out some new skills and Quick read more or view full article take the popular game to new heights, literally.

Having a birthday party? Then, Altitude is the place to host an unforgettable event. Gather your friends and be sure to throw in a game of dodgeball to enhance the experience. Not only will your guests enjoy plenty of laughs but you will also make some fantastic memories. Altitude will have you, your friends and your family wanting to return for more, and you can.

Dodgeball Leagues

Even if you are not hosting a festive event, you can simply head on over to Altitude to join in a pickup game of dodgeball. You just might be able to meet some new friends while engaging in friendly competition.

If you are a major fan of competitive games however, Altitude also has gaming leagues. Join a league if you are serious about the game and looking for even more action on the court. The activity is not only exciting but offers a great full-body workout.

In the event that you are looking to bring together a workgroup or team for a morale-building activity, then check out Altitude. Can you think of a better way to get your team motivated? Foster a positive environment, teamwork and set aside some time to have fun with your co-workers at Altitude.

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Locate Louisville Dodgeball games

February 18, 2018

Locate Louisville Dodgeball Games

Locate Louisville Dodgeball GamesIf you are looking for a great new way to play a popular sport, search for Louisville dodgeball games nearby. The game is a fun activity which can be played by people of nearly all ages. Most people are familiar with the game of dodgeball because it is often played at school in gym class or physical education. Now, adults can also enjoy playing dodgeball games just as much as kids do. There are so many benefits to the high-energy sporting activity and there is plenty of fun to be had.   Although dodgeball is generally played in an open space, on a field, or inside of a large gymnasium, Louisville dodgeball venues offer a unique alternative to playing the game.

One such option is Altitude Quick read more or view full article Trampoline Park. The park adds a fantastic new spin on the game and allows participants to play in an enclosed area.   Louisville Dodgeball Games for All Ages   The best part of dodgeball at Altitude Trampoline Park is that the game is played on trampolines. Since traditional dodgeball doesn’t offer various playing surfaces, the game might get boring for some people. At Altitude, participants can jump and flip during the game which adds to the challenge and also the enjoyment of the game.  

Dodgeball at the trampoline park is excellent for people of all ages. In fact, participants can play pick-up games just for fun or play on teams. There are even dodgeball leagues available for people who are looking for even more competition. Altitude Trampoline Park top choice for Louisville dodgeball activities.   In the event that you are looking to host a birthday party, you may consider holding your event at Altitude. Your guests can enjoy jumping and bouncing around the sports complex and also play dodgeball. Birthday parties can now be more memorable than ever.  Read Less
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Dodgeball Places Louisville

January 4, 2018

Louisville Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a fun game for all ages. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy playing with friends and family, Altitude Louisville is the perfect venue. Most people are familiar with the game of dodgeball and what it entails. In fact, the game is often played in primary and secondary schools as part of physical education programs. The concept of the game is pretty easy to grasp and most of all it is fun. Although dodgeball is usually played inside of a gym or open field, Altitude delivers a whole new way to play the game. The indoor trampoline park adds a fresh spin to the popular game by allowing players to bounce, jump and flip their way around the court which is way different than playing on a hard surface. You simply do not have the same flexibility on solid ground as you might on Quick read more or view full article a trampoline.

Dodgeball Games

Jumping on a trampoline enables participants to try out fancy maneuvers while opponents try to “get them out” of the game. Dodgeball at Altitude offers not only a fun event, but an intense full-body workout which is beneficial for anyone at any age. At Altitude, players can enjoy team games and also pick-ups just for the fun of it. For players that are more serious and for those who enjoy competition, there are also opportunities to play on dodgeball leagues. Dodgeball at Altitude is not only great for individual events, but it is also fantastic for group outings, and team-building meetings. Companies can gather employees together for a break from the office to get out and get moving. Dodgeball is a great way to reduce stress. While dodgeball is great for individual fun, team building and special events, it is also ideal for squeezing in a hassle-free workout. Although the game is not complicated, it is very engaging and incredibly entertaining. Dodgeball at Altitude Louisville will bring out the kid in everyone. Read Less
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Louisville Dodgeball Activities

December 1, 2017

Find Louisville Dodgeball Games

Find Louisville Dodgeball GamesIf you live in Louisville, you might be interested to find out where you can pick up a game of dodgeball. Believe it or not, there is a really unique place where you can enjoy the game. In fact, people of all ages can enjoy Dodgeball as it is full of energy and lots of movement. Sure you can play a simple game of dodgeball at a school gym or even outside, but what if you could play the game on a trampoline? Altitude Louisville offers a one-of-a-kind dodgeball experience where players of all ages can enjoy the game while bouncing and flipping on giant trampolines. The activity promotes not only fun but physical activity which is great. Many adults and children alike lead very sedentary lives these days Quick read more or view full article so anything that encourages people to get up and moving has wonderful, health benefits.

Dodgeball Fun for All Ages

Dodgeball is a very competitive game and it is also great for teams. If you are interested in engaging in some friendly competition then Altitude Louisville offers the perfect venue. The park creates a lively atmosphere where individuals and groups can participate in the game. In fact, you can even participate in a league if you are really serious about playing dodgeball. If you are just looking to have some everyday enjoyment, you can head on over to Altitude Louisville where you can join in on pick-up games or play on a team. Dodgeball games are a great way for organizations to celebrate outings, have team building, or build skills. All dodgeball games at Altitude take place in fully-enclosed courts so the activity is not only fun, but safe as well. The game offers a great opportunity to enhance celebrations such as birthdays and more. Read Less
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Louisville Dodgeball Venues

October 25, 2017

Search Louisville Dodgeball Venues

Louisville DodgeballDiscover a new way to enjoy the game of dodgeball at Louisville dodgeball venues in your area. Dodgeball is a high-energy activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The famous game is often played during gym in elementary and secondary schools. Adults have also joined together to create dodgeball teams. The timeless sport is a great way to have some fun while squeezing in some much needed physical activity.

Dodgeball is often played in a gym, on a field or on the beach depending on where you life. If you are interested in Louisville dodgeball venues, consider Altitude Trampoline Park. The trampoline park which specializes in creating unique bouncing experiences is a great place for sports enthusiasts.

Louisville Dodgeball Activities

Louisville dodgeball activities are close by at Quick read more or view full article Altitude Trampoline Park. The park offers several different ways in which you can enjoy the game in a unique atmosphere. You can head to Altitude to play pick-up games or play on a team. If you are really serious about the game, you can even join a league. Dodgeball is a fantastic way to share in team building for businesses, schools and other organizations looking for fun alternatives to build morale. 

Altitude Trampoline as the premier destination for Louisville dodgeball fun offers guests enclosed courts in a safe environment. Instead of playing on solid ground, the game is played on the trampolines where participants can maneuver, bounce and flip. 

Dodgeball at Altitude can not only be enjoyed by the sports-minded. It is also great for individuals looking for a fun workout. Also, the activity offers a cool way to celebrate birthday events. Altitude is a great place to hold a birthday party for children of all ages.   Read Less
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Dodgeball Birthdays

August 14, 2017

Plan an Awesome Dodgeball Birthday Party

DodgeballSummer is coming to a fast end but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to. If you haven’t thought about Dodgeball as a possibility, you totally should. In fact, as school begins parents will be looking for new and creative ways to celebrate their children’s birthdays. After all, you simply cannot do the same activity that you did last year. Classmates will be looking to enjoy some good times with friends doing something unique. A dodgeball birthday party at Altitude is a great way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. As the cooler weather approaches and outdoor picnics and pool parties are a thing of summer’s past, dodgeball provides a great indoor alternative that is equally as enjoyable. Kids will have the opportunity to squeeze Quick read more or view full article in a good workout, enjoy plenty of laughs and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dodgeball for Kids, Teens, and Adults

The game is age-old however, Altitude offers a unique twist for both kids and adults to enjoy. The games take place inside of enclosed courts and best of all participants can get an extreme workout by bouncing on trampolines while playing. Now this is something that kids will not be able to do in a traditional gym class setting. Let the games begin! There is plenty of fun to be had for kids ages 7 years old all the way through 18 and up. Even if you do not happen to have an occasion to celebrate, you can always head to Altitude for just for the fun of it. Outside of private parties, the trampoline park offers leagues, pickup games, and daily practices designed to get your game strong. Dodgeball is a fantastic way to break from the norm and work up some sweat on the court. Read Less
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Dodgeball Birthday Parties for Kids

July 14, 2017

Dodgeball Fun Any Season

DodgeballSummer is officially in full-swing and if you are looking for fun and exciting places to enjoy with the family, then Altitude Trampoline Park should top your list. School may be out but that does not mean that your little ones have to give up some of their favorite sport activities from gym class. Dodgeball is just one of several activities that kids can enjoy at the largest trampoline park in Louisville, Kentucky. Best of all, Dodgeball at Altitude is not just for the kids; adults can join in on the fun as well. The popular game is typically played in elementary and secondary schools however, its growing popularity among recreational groups is sure to have avid players looking for places to play the game indoors when weather is not permitting or Quick read more or view full article temperatures are simply uncomfortable.

A Dodgeball Game with Bounce

Altitude, one of the best kids birthday party places in the area promises a fresh spin on the age-old game of dodgeball through the use of trampolines. Trampoline park visitors can participate in the game starting at age 7 through 18 and up. Best of all for the true dodgeball fans out there, the park offers opportunities such as daily practice, pick-up games, leagues and private parties. The courts are enclosed so you do not have to worry about being exposed to the elements and can play any time during the year. If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your child's summer birthday dodgeball is a great idea and will keep all of your partygoers active as the game provides a complete workout and integrates none other than the trampoline allowing players to bounce between the floors and walls; talk about exhausting! This type of action cannot be experienced on a dusty field or inside the school gym. Read Less
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