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Indoor Dodgeball Games

March 18, 2018

Dodgeball Games Indoor Events

Indoor Dodgeball GamesDodgeball is an exciting game for all to enjoy. You can now play the game at Altitude Louisville trampoline park designed for hours of fun. Altitude provides plenty of opportunities to play in a fully-enclosed area. Although typically the game is played inside of a gym or outside, you can play any time of the year even when the weather is not permitting at the indoor sports complex.

At Altitude, the game of dodgeball has a fresh new spin because while you play, you are able to jump around on the trampolines. This dynamic action creates a unique challenge for opponents who will do their best to knock you out of the game. The environment creates a unique opportunity to try out some new skills and Quick read more or view full article take the popular game to new heights, literally.

Having a birthday party? Then, Altitude is the place to host an unforgettable event. Gather your friends and be sure to throw in a game of dodgeball to enhance the experience. Not only will your guests enjoy plenty of laughs but you will also make some fantastic memories. Altitude will have you, your friends and your family wanting to return for more, and you can.

Dodgeball Leagues

Even if you are not hosting a festive event, you can simply head on over to Altitude to join in a pickup game of dodgeball. You just might be able to meet some new friends while engaging in friendly competition.

If you are a major fan of competitive games however, Altitude also has gaming leagues. Join a league if you are serious about the game and looking for even more action on the court. The activity is not only exciting but offers a great full-body workout.

In the event that you are looking to bring together a workgroup or team for a morale-building activity, then check out Altitude. Can you think of a better way to get your team motivated? Foster a positive environment, teamwork and set aside some time to have fun with your co-workers at Altitude.

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Locate Louisville Dodgeball games

February 18, 2018

Locate Louisville Dodgeball Games

Locate Louisville Dodgeball GamesIf you are looking for a great new way to play a popular sport, search for Louisville dodgeball games nearby. The game is a fun activity which can be played by people of nearly all ages. Most people are familiar with the game of dodgeball because it is often played at school in gym class or physical education. Now, adults can also enjoy playing dodgeball games just as much as kids do. There are so many benefits to the high-energy sporting activity and there is plenty of fun to be had.   Although dodgeball is generally played in an open space, on a field, or inside of a large gymnasium, Louisville dodgeball venues offer a unique alternative to playing the game.

One such option is Altitude Quick read more or view full article Trampoline Park. The park adds a fantastic new spin on the game and allows participants to play in an enclosed area.   Louisville Dodgeball Games for All Ages   The best part of dodgeball at Altitude Trampoline Park is that the game is played on trampolines. Since traditional dodgeball doesn’t offer various playing surfaces, the game might get boring for some people. At Altitude, participants can jump and flip during the game which adds to the challenge and also the enjoyment of the game.  

Dodgeball at the trampoline park is excellent for people of all ages. In fact, participants can play pick-up games just for fun or play on teams. There are even dodgeball leagues available for people who are looking for even more competition. Altitude Trampoline Park top choice for Louisville dodgeball activities.   In the event that you are looking to host a birthday party, you may consider holding your event at Altitude. Your guests can enjoy jumping and bouncing around the sports complex and also play dodgeball. Birthday parties can now be more memorable than ever.  Read Less
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Dodgeball Places Louisville

January 4, 2018

Louisville Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a fun game for all ages. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy playing with friends and family, Altitude Louisville is the perfect venue. Most people are familiar with the game of dodgeball and what it entails. In fact, the game is often played in primary and secondary schools as part of physical education programs. The concept of the game is pretty easy to grasp and most of all it is fun. Although dodgeball is usually played inside of a gym or open field, Altitude delivers a whole new way to play the game. The indoor trampoline park adds a fresh spin to the popular game by allowing players to bounce, jump and flip their way around the court which is way different than playing on a hard surface. You simply do not have the same flexibility on solid ground as you might on Quick read more or view full article a trampoline.

Dodgeball Games

Jumping on a trampoline enables participants to try out fancy maneuvers while opponents try to “get them out” of the game. Dodgeball at Altitude offers not only a fun event, but an intense full-body workout which is beneficial for anyone at any age. At Altitude, players can enjoy team games and also pick-ups just for the fun of it. For players that are more serious and for those who enjoy competition, there are also opportunities to play on dodgeball leagues. Dodgeball at Altitude is not only great for individual events, but it is also fantastic for group outings, and team-building meetings. Companies can gather employees together for a break from the office to get out and get moving. Dodgeball is a great way to reduce stress. While dodgeball is great for individual fun, team building and special events, it is also ideal for squeezing in a hassle-free workout. Although the game is not complicated, it is very engaging and incredibly entertaining. Dodgeball at Altitude Louisville will bring out the kid in everyone. Read Less
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Louisville Dodgeball Activities

December 1, 2017

Find Louisville Dodgeball Games

Find Louisville Dodgeball GamesIf you live in Louisville, you might be interested to find out where you can pick up a game of dodgeball. Believe it or not, there is a really unique place where you can enjoy the game. In fact, people of all ages can enjoy Dodgeball as it is full of energy and lots of movement. Sure you can play a simple game of dodgeball at a school gym or even outside, but what if you could play the game on a trampoline? Altitude Louisville offers a one-of-a-kind dodgeball experience where players of all ages can enjoy the game while bouncing and flipping on giant trampolines. The activity promotes not only fun but physical activity which is great. Many adults and children alike lead very sedentary lives these days Quick read more or view full article so anything that encourages people to get up and moving has wonderful, health benefits.

Dodgeball Fun for All Ages

Dodgeball is a very competitive game and it is also great for teams. If you are interested in engaging in some friendly competition then Altitude Louisville offers the perfect venue. The park creates a lively atmosphere where individuals and groups can participate in the game. In fact, you can even participate in a league if you are really serious about playing dodgeball. If you are just looking to have some everyday enjoyment, you can head on over to Altitude Louisville where you can join in on pick-up games or play on a team. Dodgeball games are a great way for organizations to celebrate outings, have team building, or build skills. All dodgeball games at Altitude take place in fully-enclosed courts so the activity is not only fun, but safe as well. The game offers a great opportunity to enhance celebrations such as birthdays and more. Read Less
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