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Plan a Simple Kids Party

June 12, 2019

Organize an Easy Kids Party

kids_partyPutting together the best kids party only requires a few steps. First, skip any difficulty by planning ahead. Your party should be well on its way as long as you allow ample time for selecting a venue and inviting guests. Ultimately, your party planning should be stress-free. The best way to ensure that your kids event goes off without a hitch is to choose a location that supplies everything you need. In the best case scenario, your party will simply show up and have a great time, everything else is already taken care of for you.

A unique kids party that you might consider is one held at a trampoline park such as Altitude Louisville. Trampoline parks are a great option for parties because they provide an Quick read more or view full article experience not just a way to pass the time. Altitude is an indoor entertainment complex that is fully enclosed. While the trampoline is central to the entire experience, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy.

Kids Party Activities 

Instead of spending time trying to figure out how to entertain children for 2 hours, Altitude has solved the problem for you. Here are some of the activities that you can expect to enjoy when hosting a kids party at the trampoline park.

fully-enclosed trampoline areas
foam pit
kids play area 

In addition to the many attractions found at Altitude Louisville, parties can also expect assistance with setup and clean up for events. 

Food is always a must at any kids party or gathering and Altitude has you covered. You can include pizza with your party or order from a nearby restaurant. While outside food is not permitted, you can certainly bring a cake of your choice to finish off your special day. There are a couple of options for location within the venue to celebrate your event. Perhaps you need a party room or don't mind celebrating at a table within the trampoline park. In any case, you do have options and there is plenty more in store as Altitude Louisville is full of interesting surprises. 

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Incredible Kids Party Made Simple

April 17, 2019

The Ultimate Kids Party

kids partyPlanning the ultimate kids party takes some organization and a little bit of patience. The truth is planning an event can be stressful though it really shouldn’t be. If anything, strategizing the perfect event should be fun. With a few simple tricks however, you can plan the best kids party without the hassle.

When planning a party, you should ensure that you have ample time for what else?  Planning! Allow yourself plenty of time to work out all of the details so that your event will go off without a hitch. Early on, you should make the following key decisions to get you started on your party planning quest:

Where will you hold the event?
When will you hold Quick read more or view full article the event?
How long will your event be?

The type of party and number of guests will largely determine some of the important steps in the entire process. If you are looking for a place that can accommodate a small or large party, consider Altitude Louisville, a popular indoor trampoline park for children of all ages. Altitude is the perfect place to hold a kids party.

Kids Party Theme

Choosing a theme is a fun step in planning a kids party that allows you to be creative. Think about your child’s favorite characters or special interests when selecting a theme. Work those items into your invitations, decorations, serving items and goodie bags. Altitude takes care of the venue however, you can bring your owned themed party essentials to add to your celebration.

While planning your event, always keep your budget in mind. Consider how much you would like to spend on the venue, invitations, decorations, food, beverage and any additional details. Budgeting can help you save money and allocating expenses so that you can get the most of your party without additional stress.

Altitude provides the ultimate entertainment experience for a fraction of the cost of hosting parties elsewhere. In fact, your guests can enjoy jumping, playing basketball and dodgeball on fully-enclosed courts. If you choose, you can include pizza with your event and the setup and cleanup is taken care of by event staff on site. Instead of stressing over choosing a venue and an activity to entertain kids, you can focus on other details or simply join the fun.
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Kids Party Prep

March 21, 2019

Easy Party Ideas

partyAltitude is a wonderful choice for a simple enjoyable party experience. The venue is ideal for youngsters of all ages. There are so many attractions inside of the fully-enclosed venue, that children will never get bored. From basketball courts to tumbling tracks and even a dodgeball court, kids will love hanging out at Altitude Louisville for several hours.

Most parents would probably prefer that a party be simple and headache-free. Unfortunately depending on the size of a party and how detailed it is, some frustrations may be unavoidable. You can prepare ahead of time however, by making a checklist, brainstorming ideas and being super organized. For younger children, parties should be relatively simple and straight to the point. For this reason, Altitude is a great Quick read more or view full article option because it provides a great experience, entertainment in one location and it is suited for kids of all ages.


Planning a Great Kids Party

Planning a fantastic kids party can be just as enjoyable as an experience as it can be a learning one. The more you do it, the better you get. Regardless, your children will appreciate you taking the time to celebrate their important milestones with a memorable event.

Some important things that you should consider when planning a party is of course the venue, the number of guests, the activity you will incorporate for entertainment and a theme. Not all parties have to have a theme but generally children enjoy celebrating with their favorite characters. The elements can be included in decorations, on the cake and with any goodie bags or favors.

While birthdays fall during all times of the year, some venues are simply not ideal as they may affected by the weather. For example, you may not have a barbeque for a winter birthday and your beach party plans in the summer may get rained out during a storm. It is always great to have an indoor alternative that is available rain or shine, in the heat and during the coldest months of the year.

Altitude is an ideal venue because it is fully-enclosed and open year-round. You can book a party any time of the year to celebrate an occasion and celebrations do not have to be limited to birthdays only.
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Simple Party Plans for Kids

February 25, 2019

Party Planning Guide for Children’s Events

Simple Party Plans for KidsPutting together the perfect party can be a fun experience but it can also be frustrating if you are not organized. Ideally you should not delay in planning an event and should allow ample time for all of the minor details as well as inviting guests and awaiting their reply.

One of the first things that you should think about when planning an event is the location. Choosing a location may be driven by the time of year in which you plan to hold your event, where you are located, and how far your guests will have to travel to get there. When selecting a location for your event, you should also keep in mind of course the ages Quick read more or view full article of your party guests to ensure the most appropriate venue.

Ideally, a children’s party should be rather simple and stress-free when it comes to planning all of the activities. A hassle-free option is to choose a venue that includes everything you need, including food, beverages and entertainment. In fact, the most hassle-free event is one in which you simply show up, have fun and leave without worrying about cleanup.

Altitude Louisville is a great choice for simple fun and perfect for children of all ages. The venue is an indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex with a number of activities to enjoy. The venue is conveniently located and easy to find and it is available all year-round rain or shine. Event attractions available for parties at Altitude include an enclosed trampoline area, tumbling tracks, basketball courts and dodgeball courts. There is also a toddler play area for smaller children. An added plus is a foam pit which is always a fantastic party staple.

Planning the Perfect Party Tips

Follow the steps below to plan the perfect party.

Select a location.
Pick a date for your event
Choose a theme
Create a guest list
Book your event online
Send out digital invitations to save time and money 2 weeks in advance
Order your cake 1-2 weeks in advance
Match paper goods and cake decoration to your theme
Assemble cost-effective and simple goodie bags and a couple of extras
Order additional food for parents

At Altitude Louisville, you can book your event online quickly. The park requires participation waivers and these can be filled out in advance to make the arrival process move quicker on the day of your event. A staff member will work with your party to assist with setup and cleanup which is excellent. Book your next party at Altitude.
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Party Planning Made Easy

January 17, 2019

Plan the Perfect Party

Party Planning Made EasyOrganizing a special event such as a party can be an exciting experience. With the right planning you can certainly throw a memorable gathering to celebrate almost any occasion. Though planning a group event can be overwhelming at times, there are a few things that you can do to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Before planning your party, consider the occasion. Finding a venue that will align with your specific celebration will make hosting your event easier. Make a list of possible venues to hold your gathering. In fact, creating a list is a great way to start brainstorming all of the fine details that will make your engagement great.

The type of party that Quick read more or view full article you are hosting may vary depending on the age of your guests. While some venues are appropriate, others are not. When organizing children’s parties, it is a great idea to consider a range of ages that may be in attendance. For example, most children will invite some fellow classmates, but they may also have siblings and cousins of various ages that would also attend. Selecting a venue that is designed for all age groups is deal in providing a range of experiences and ensuring that no one from your group is left out.

Altitude Louisville is one such venue that is perfect for all ages. You can even host a party at the large indoor trampoline park. Altitude, while popular among younger kids is also a fun place for older teens to hang out as well. In fact, children of all ages enjoy jumping on trampolines. Moreover, holding an event at an indoor trampoline park is a unique way to celebrate almost any occasion.

Party Planning Tips

Once you have selected a venue and an activity that is age appropriate for your guests. Secure your booking. At Altitude, you can book your event easily online. Booking online saves time and allows you to focus on other party details such as finding a cake, decorations and of course goodie bags for your guests.

Allow plenty of time for your guests to respond to your invitation by sending them out at least two weeks in advance. While you can purchase pre-packaged invitations from any store, designing your own adds a personal touch.

If your party has a certain theme, coordinate your decorations, cake and paper goods to match. Themed parties are always a great idea and you can throw in some unique goodie bags to take away.

Have fun. Planning any event can offer moments of frustrations but try to enjoy the experience. Take many pictures and have a bite of cake. At a venue like Altitude Louisville, you can focus more on having fun and less on managing your event as you will have staff assigned to help you with setup and clean up.
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Simple Kids Party Ideas

December 24, 2018

Easy Party Planning for Children

simple kids party ideasHandle your party planning with ease by choosing Altitude Louisville as your venue of choice. Working out the details of a celebration can be a daunting task without a good plan. Before you decide to put together an event, there are several steps that you should take to ensure smoothest planning process. Selecting a venue is only one part of the equation but it is a very important decision that will guide the rest of your plans.

Creating a checklist is a great way to keep track of your party details. Even if you are hosting a small event, having a ‘to do’ list that you can refer to will be very helpful. Organization is key to pulling off a Quick read more or view full article successful event without a hitch.

Once you have an idea of a venue, be certain to allow plenty of time for booking the location and inviting your guests. At Altitude Louisville, you can book your party online. Booking online is a convenient way to set a firm date for your event. Many activities that are popular among children such as roller skating, arcades and laser tag book up fast. The benefit of hosting a party at a trampoline park such as Altitude is that you can book year-round, rain or shine. Still, allow plenty of time to check availability and have several dates in mind ahead of time.

Planning Your Party Length

Determining how long to have an event is another important consideration. How long or short your party is should be based on how many children will be in attendance, what activities you have planned and how long the venue will be available. Typically, the more hours you spent at a particular venue, the more they will charge. At Altitude, you can book a party for 2-hours which is just perfect for children of all ages.

Within the two-hour block of time, children will get to enjoy spending time inside of the trampoline park and also have time for food, beverages and cake of course. Some birthday parties can go from 2 to 4 hours in length, however 2 hours is ideal, especially for younger children.

Party Planning Tips for Invitations

Allow 1 - 2 weeks for R.S.V.Ps after sending out an invitation. The additional time will help with sorting out the event details as well as allow guests the opportunity to free up the date so that they can actually attend your event.

For many parties, you will want to have some planned activities ready to go. Altitude provides all of the activities for you. In fact, it is probably one of the easiest places to hold a celebration as all you really need to do is show up. Sure, you can bring along a cake and order pizza, but as far as the action goes, everything takes place right inside of the venue. The arrangement is actually quite the time-saver.
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Party Planning Made Easy

November 19, 2018

Plan a Memorable Party

party planning made easyPlanning a party for your child is one of the most exciting activities that you will look forward to during the year. Putting together a great event does not have to be complicated. With the right approach, you can plan a memorable gathering that will provide lasting memories for your birthday girl or boy. After hosting numerous parties at Altitude Louisville, we can offer a few helpful tips to get you started.

Some parties are large and some are small. Regardless of the size of your gathering, it is always a great idea to ask your child what type of party he or she may want to have. Sometimes, children are not sure about how they would like to celebrate. Though you Quick read more or view full article may have many ideas, some may be more appropriate than others.

Pre-Party Plans: Venues

Before planning a party, you should first consider the age of your child. As your child outgrows smaller celebrations and their friend circle widens, it may be a good idea to look outside the home for possible venues. Finding an age appropriate activity is not hard. In fact, Altitude Louisville offers a great venue that is perfect for all ages.

Altitude is an indoor trampoline park that offers plenty of activities for children to enjoy. Kids will love playing basketball and dodgeball on trampolines, diving into a foam pit or simply practice their tumbling skills on any one of the trampoline areas. Altitude solves the problem of deciding what to do for entertainment because everything happens right inside of the venue.

Once you have decided on a venue and the type of activity your child would like to have for his or her  party, choosing the number of guests is the next obvious decision. A good rule of thumb is to match the number of children at the party with the age of your child for the most appropriate experience. For example, if your child is 8, then 8 friends may be the best choice. If your child is a 3 or 4 year old, then inviting three or four other children is ideal. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with many children and not enough chaperones.

Knowing how many guests will be in attendance will help you plan for food, beverages and of course goodie bags! You may also consider if the parents will stay at the event or if they will leave. Should parents decide to stay, you will certainly want to have some additional food items and beverages on hand.
Altitude provides party packages which include food and beverage so you do not have to worry about bringing anything else except for the cake. Altitude Louisville really takes the headaches out of planning an event which allows you to focus having fun and taking plenty of pictures.

Party clean-up can be a drag but at Altitude, the staff takes care of that for you. If you have ever hosted a party at home, you know that cleaning up takes quite a bit of time and chances are after an eventful engagement, the only thing you will want to do is decompress. Altitude allows you to wrap up your successful event with ease.
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Party Ideas for All Ages

October 14, 2018

Party Planning Tips

Party Ideas for All AgesFinding the perfect place to celebrate a party has just gotten easier. Altitude Trampoline Park in Louisville is a great venue for gatherings of all sizes. In fact, there is something to do for children of all ages so you will never get bored. If you have never been to a trampoline park, you should certainly give it a try. Chances are you will want to keep on going back and tell all of your friends about the amazing time you had at Altitude.

Throwing a memorable party is worth the trouble but the planning process can be a bit of a headache. When there is a time crunch, making fast decisions about where to hold your event, how many Quick read more or view full article people to invite and what to serve for food can be entirely frustrating. Ideally, you should allow adequate time for planning to include searching for venues.

Selecting a venue that is nearby always makes sense. You will want your guests find the festivities with ease. Altitude Louisville is an ideal entertainment complex that happens to be local so the guests that you invite should have no problem finding it.

Party Activities

One of the main concerns that event planners have besides ordering enough food, decorations and where to hold an event is entertainment. Depending on the ages of your guests, deciding what activities to enjoy during a 2-4 hour block of time can be very challenging. When planning your engagement, ensure that the amount of time spent celebrating is appropriate for the age of of the children in attendance.

At Altitude Louisville, the entertainment portion of your party is built in to the entire experience. Nearly every kid enjoys jumping on a trampoline and even some adults do as well. Altitude offers a great way to keep children engaged. Some of the activities that kids can enjoy include dodgeball courts, an area to play basketball, tumbling tracks and a foam pit.

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