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Fun Parties Great Memories

January 22, 2020

Organizing Kids Parties

partiesKids enjoy many different activities when it comes to throwing parties. One of the most popular ways to celebrate a special occasion is to have a trampoline party. Altitude Louisville is a large indoor trampoline park that offers many attractions which are great for birthday parties or simply an afternoon of hanging out with friends and family. Families are always looking for something to do that is entertaining. You can never go wrong with a trampoline park. Nearly everyone loves jumping, flipping and doing somersaults. Altitude Louisville provides an enclosed space in which patrons can enjoy testing out new skills.

Parties at Altitude Louisville include plenty of attractions. There is something for everyone to enjoy at the entertainment complex. The highlight of the venue of Quick read more or view full article course are the trampolines. Large trampolines can be found everywhere within the indoor park. For children who enjoy trying out flips, tumbling tracks are available. If guests are into a little friendly competition, dodgeball courts are available for pick-up games. Who doesn’t love a good game of basketball. Well, at Altitude Louisville kids can play basketball while bouncing on the trampoline as well. A party isn’t a party without a foam pit. Kids can dive in and have a blast.

Simple Parties

At Altitude Louisville, parties are simple in terms of planning. You can book your event online, choosing a date and the number of attendees. All waivers are available during the booking process on the website for your convenience. The set-up and clean-up of your gathering will be taken care of for you by the staff on hand. The option to include pizza is available in case your group is looking for something delicious to much on while at the event. Guests can bring their own custom designed cakes which are always a fun addition to any party. Parents can also decide to hang around and get in on the fun if they choose to jump as well. Discover the ultimate party experience, book your next celebration at Altitude Louisville. 
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Great Kids Parties

December 19, 2019

Kids Parties

partiesOrganizing kids parties is something that many people will have to do at some point. Children enjoy getting their best friends and family members together to celebrate birthdays and other important milestones. The success of party planning depends on being organized and allowing plenty of time to prepare. There are a few tips to hosting a great kids party that you should keep in mind for your next event. 

First, kids parties need to be planned well in advance of the celebration date. Parties can be held for milestones such as birthdays, graduations, holidays or simply just for fun. Regardless of what occasion you are celebrating, care should be taken when choosing all of the minor details. Taking care of the challenging aspects of a party Quick read more or view full article first will certainly relieve stress so that on the big day, you can relax, enjoy and take a few photos.

Saving on Parties for Kids

Keep in mind that children’s parties do not have to be extravagant. There is no need to spend excessive amounts of money on a party that will only be a few hours long. Children simply enjoy having a good time. Keeping kids entertained with engaging activities for a set amount of time will help a party progress in an enjoyable manner before kids grow bored. There are many ways to cut down on the expense of hosting a party and the greatest saving starts with keeping things simple. Set a budget if you would like to have better control of spending for your gathering. 

Children love giving out goodie bags and almost always want a personalized cake. Hosting a trampoline party at altitude Louisville will allow you to focus on party additions such as a cake and simple decorations. The trampoline park provides a venue, entertaining activities and food. Everything takes place in one building which is quite convenient. As a party planner, you can focus on taking smaller measures to personalize the experience and make it your own. 
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Planning Memorable Parties

November 15, 2019

Parties for Kids

PartiesKids look forward to birthday parties, gathering friends together and having a great time. Planning a party can be just as fun if you are organized to start with. Regardless of how many guests will be in attendance, it is a good idea to plan ahead for any gathering. The best parties for children are those that are simple but also fun. It is not always necessary to throw an extravagant party to create a memorable experience. The most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone at your event should have a good time.

Parties for children can be kept simple with a gathering at Altitude Louisville. Altitude is an indoor trampoline park that boasts 41,000 square feet of space to enjoy. There Quick read more or view full article are so many attractions at the venue, that you do not have to go anywhere else to celebrate. Among the activities that party goers can enjoy are: a dodgeball court, basketball courts, a foam pit, and tumbling areas. Altitude Louisville is fully-enclosed, so it is possible to throw a party any time of the year, rain or shine.

Children of all ages will enjoy parties at Altitude Louisville. Even smaller kids can play in a designated toddler area. The trampoline park is family-friendly and the ideal setting for a birthday party or any celebration for that matter. Birthday parties do not have to be formal; casual gatherings of friends simply wanting to hang out are also fantastic at Altitude. 

Planning Parties for Children

When planning a children’s party or gathering, allow plenty of time to work out all of the details. The earlier you start, the better. Provide plenty of time for guests to respond by sending out invitations in a timely manner and requesting a reply ahead of the event. Confirming the number of guests that will be in attendance early will help with additional planning. It is helpful to know how much food and beverages to order in advance. 

Sticking to a budget will help limit spending. Overspending on a party is simply not necessary. There are ways to hold an economic event while still throwing in a few treats. Shopping smart for items such as decorations and goodie bags will certainly save on cash. Since Altitude includes all of the entertainment and special celebration areas, food may also be included as well for your convenience. 

Booking your next event at Altitude Louisville is easy. Visit the website to select your date and party package to get started. 
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Planning Great Parties

October 9, 2019

Best Parties for Kids

partiesKeeping children entertained at parties is probably the most important aspect of any birthday celebration. Parents who are looking for cost-effective ways to  keep guests engaged should consider hosting a party at a trampoline park. Altitude Louisville is a large, indoor trampoline complex where kids can spend a couple of hours jumping and flipping on the apparatus. In fact, Altitude has trampolines all over the place and it really doesn’t end there.

Parties can get really dull if there is not some type of activity happening for the duration of the event. Party planners often struggle with finding ways to fill in gaps of time with entertaining activities for children who may grow tired of doing the same thing over and over again. One Quick read more or view full article way to avoid planning issues, is to map out a tentative schedule of activities so that you can make the most of time spent. Start your schedule with a rough outline indicating all of the possibilities. 

Children’s parties usually involve time for the guests to arrive with snacks, a block of time for play or entertainment as well as additional time to open gifts, read cards and time allocated for food and beverage. Children grow hungry and thirsty when playing for an hour or two, so be sure to allocate enough time to enjoy food and drinks, but understand that children will certainly want to run off and play again. In this case, two blocks of activities may be appropriate. 

Scheduling Kids Parties

When considering the ages of children at your party, you should limit the number of activities accordingly. Altitude Louisville is a great venue that will allow you to maintain a reasonable party schedule while delivering food, beverages and of course a few hours of fun especially for your parties. 

Booking kids parties at the trampoline park means that all of your party activities will take place in one building. Children may enjoy pizza and water as well as plenty of jumping time. Additional attractions at the trampoline park include a foam pit, basketball court and dodgeball court. There will also be time allowed for celebrating with cake as well. Cleanup is handled by the staff on-site which will free parents up. If you are looking for a party experience that is full of fun and free of stress, consider hosting your next event at Altitude Louisville. Read Less
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Tips for Planning Kids Parties

September 15, 2019

Planning Parties for Children

partiesParties are an ideal way to celebrate an occasion or milestone. Some celebrations are more appropriate than others and it largely depends on the child’s age. Younger children may enjoy many games and activities, while older children may prefer activities that are more low key. A party idea that is ideal for all ages is a trampoline party. Older and younger children will have a great time hanging out at a trampoline park for a celebration. Altitude Louisville is an excellent venue to celebrate a birthday and booking your next event is easy. Most importantly, booking a trampoline party will not break your budget. 

Choose a celebration date and time for Parties

Initially, deciding when to hold parties is a tough decision. The more you party plan, Quick read more or view full article the easier it becomes. Usually, kids do great with midday parties that occur around noon or after 1 p.m. Your party should be no longer than a few hours, somewhere between 3-4 hours depending on the age of your child. 

While it is ideal to have parties on an actual celebration date, it is not always possible due to availability. Planning ahead early is the best way to secure event space in a timely manner. If your selected date is not available, try to be flexible and have a few other dates in mind. A good option is to choose the day before, the day after or weekend after a birthday to celebrate. 

Choose Paperless

In the past, it was common to give out physical invites. Today, you can save some time by creating a digital invitation using one of the free services online or create your own digital flyer. As long as all of the event details are included (who, what, when and where), it will be easy to distribute. Guests can even reply online so that you have an estimate of how many guests will be attending right away. 

Shop Smart

Hosting a party at a trampoline park like Altitude Louisville means that everything will take place in one area: food, entertainment and the celebration itself. You can add a personal touch to parties by purchasing your own decorations. Search for discounted crafts and consider making your own versus buying branded party items from large retail establishments. Dollar stores are a great option for simple party supplies.

Consider booking your next party at Altitude Louisville for a fun and memorable time. 

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Kids Parties Year-Round

August 11, 2019

Kids Parties Any Time 

partiesKids parties happen year-round but not every venue is ideal due to seasonal changes and inclement weather. It is certainly no fun when a summer barbecue, beach day or spring picnic celebration is dashed due to do rainy conditions. While there should always be a plan B for party venues, selecting one doesn't always come to mind as part of the entire planning process. You can avoid the frustrations of a change of party location by choosing an indoor venue that is available year-round. Indoor playgrounds are a great place to have a celebration without the worry of cancelling or rescheduling due to unexpected weather changes. 

Altitude Louisville is an excellent option for hosting parties any time of the year. The venue is an indoor trampoline park and Quick read more or view full article entertainment complex designed for children of all ages. There is plenty to do at Altitude and your guests can spend a couple of hours enjoying the many attractions which have made Altitude Louisville a popular stop for fun. Due to the fact that Altitude includes everything that you need in one place to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday, it eliminates may of the frustrations tied to party planning. 

Exciting Trampoline Parties

Trampoline parties are unique which is why kids love them. Not only can guests enjoy jumping around for hours on fully-enclosed trampolines, but there are other activities to enjoy as well. At Altitude Louisville there are tumbling tracks to practice all types of moves. Kids can play games such as basketball and dodgeball on trampoline courts. There is also a foam pit and a toddler play area. 

Birthday parties at Altitude Louisville are a great idea. In fact, you can choose to celebrate in a private room or an open seating area. Throw in some pizza, beverages and cake for the perfect finish and your party will be all set. You and your guests simply have to show up, have fun and share memorable stories about the best birthday party ever hosted at none other than Altitude Louisville.  Read Less
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Preparing for Kids Parties

July 2, 2019

Kids Parties All Occasions

All of the best parties that go off without a hitch are successful because of thorough planning. While you can certainly turn almost any occasion into a party in little to no time, certain milestones require some additional thought. Planning ahead is a good idea because it takes some of the stress out of the entire process. The number of people attending your event can greatly impact how smooth an event will go and without adequate time to plan, things can end up disasterous. Avoiding disasters and preparing for the unexpected should be at the top of the list or if anything encouragement to push ahead with the perfect party strategy. 

One of the very first things that you should consider when planning for parties is your budget. Quick read more or view full article Knowing how much you will spend and how much you absolutely will not is a great way to keep your funds tidy. Events that are close behind big holidays are certainly worth considering when it comes to all of the things involved in throwing a gathering, including gifts. Developing a budget for all parties is highly recommended and the first step in your journey to event planning success. 

Host The Most Successful Kids Parties

Successful parties are about location. Select a venue for your event and reserve it as soon as possible by locking in a date and time. A venue that is a great option to choose from is Altitude Louisville. Altidude is a massive indoor trampoline park and the perfect place to celebrate any occasion. The venue is ideal for all ages and provides a location to celebrate rain or shine throughout the year. 

Reservations may depend on how many people are in your party. Start creating a prospective guest list earlier. Understand that some people may not be able to added, so allow plenty of room for add-ons or possible subtractions. Reserving your space with an estimated head count will help you secure the venue with room for adjustments. Having a plan is fantastic but being flexible is also a must. It is always a good idea to reserve your venue several weeks in advance of your event to allow ample time for working out the details of your party. 

Hosting a party at Altitude solves many of the preparation steps for you. The venue provides entertainment, food, and activities. You can supply decoration for your party area, center pieces, table clothes, goody bags and of course the cake. Kids will spend time enjoying the many attractions that the venue has to offer and still have time to eat and open gifts.  Read Less
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Host Kids Parties

June 12, 2019

Memorable Kids Parties

partiesIf you have been tasked with hosting kids parties, your job just got so much easier with an exciting concept by Altitude Louisville. Throwing a celebration should be fun minus the complications. With Altitude, you can host a memorable occasion without the hassle because all of your entertainment takes place within the venue. Altitude is a large indoor trampoline park built for all ages. The complex is the perfect place to hold a gathering because there is something to do for everyone. Regardless of whether you are celebrating a birthday party or taking a group outing, adventure awaits at Altitude Louisville.

As the ultimate destination for fun, Altitude Louisville is a top choice for children's parties. Hosting your gathering at the trampoline park means that you do not have Quick read more or view full article to worry about keeping your guests entertained because there is plenty to do. Central to the entire experience is the trampoline. The venue is fully-enclosed with several different areas designed to keep guests engaged. There are trampolines designed for tumbling and jumping. Also included is foam pit and tumbling tracks. 

Additional activities at Altitude Louisville include basketball and dodgeball courts which are frequented during events and just for everyday fun. Kids will love spending hours with friends and family at Altitude and any party hosted there will certainly leave lasting memories. 

Booking Kids Parties

Booking parties at Altitude is easy. You can place your booking online through the website which is convenient. Simply select your event date and the number of guests attending. There are safety waivers that can be filled out online as well so that when you arrive for your event, your guests do not have to wait in line as long. There are options for pizza and water that can be added. You can order pizza from a restaurant nearby or right from the venue. The only thing that you should worry about brining is the partygoers and your cake. A staff from the trampoline park will also help you with the set up and clean up of your gathering so that will take some of the load off. 

When you book a party at Altitude Louisville, you can focus on having fun and capturing moments. The experience will last a lifetime and children will certainly wish to return many times over.  Read Less
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Affordable Kids Parties

May 18, 2019

Budget-Friendly Kids Parties

affordable kids partiesPlanning parties for children can be both exciting and frustrating but certainly worth the trouble. Throwing events does not necessarily mean that you need to break your budget. While it is perfectly normal to want to host an extravagant event, simple is sometimes the best way to go. Though older teens may desire over-the-top events, younger children are often happy to receive some gifts, have a great cake and partake in fun activities with friends and family members.

Altitude Louisville is an ideal option for children's parties. The venue is a large indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex designed for everyday visits and celebrations. You can choose to hold a party at Altitude or perhaps just spend a day there with a small group as Quick read more or view full article a pastime. There are many attractions at the complex which are perfect for children of all ages and sizes. 

Attractions at Kids Parties

Every celebration should have some activities associated with it to keep the guests engaged. Two hours can seem like a long time if it is not filled with activity outside of cake and opening gifts in the case of birthday parties. Certain party venues can present some limitations when it comes to entertainment. If you are looking for something a notch above the usual, consider booking your next celebration with Altitude. 

Altitude offers several attractions which are age appropriate. All of the activities incorporate the trampoline which adds a special twist to the entire experience, one that you will not get anywhere else. There is a basketball court, a dodgeball court and a foam pit. Smaller children can enjoy a toddler play area and kids who like to test their tumbling skills can spend time on the tumbling tracks. The trampoline park is fully-enclosed and open rain or shine. 

Booking parties with Altitude Louisville means that you do not have to hassle with hosting an event in mulitple locations. Moreover, you can host guests elswhere besides your home where cleanup can become cumbersome. At Altitude, kids can eat, play and play some more. Setting up your party is easy and can be done online. Simply book your event and select your party options. 

You will be assigned a staff member that will be on hand to assist with your party for setup and clean up. You are allowed to bring a cake and you can either order pizza at the venue or order your own. In any case, the main event will be the trampoline park which is certain to deliver hours of fun, making for a memorable party for your entire group.  Read Less
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Exciting Kids Parties

April 17, 2019

Best Kids Parties

partiesThrowing kids parties is plenty of fun. It’s the planning portion of the entire party experience that can sometimes be a little overwhelming. With Altitude Louisville, you do not have to go it alone when it comes to planning your next kids party. In fact, Altitude is the best place to hold a celebration for children of all ages.

Most children enjoy a simple party that purely fun. Altitude Louisville is the ideal party stop for enjoyment without all of the additional hassle. Kids will love spending a couple of hours jumping on huge trampolines within the indoor park. There are plenty of other activities as well.

While the trampoline is center to the entire Altitude experience. There is so much more for children Quick read more or view full article to do as well. For example, kids can play basketball and dodgeball, on a trampoline! There are tumbling tracks and even a foam pit. Younger children can enjoy a toddler play area. Pizza parties are also the best, and at Altitude, your guests can enjoy both pizza and the party itself.

Memorable Kids Parties

Parents will enjoy Altitude too. Compared to other types of parties that can be organized, a trampoline party is likely one of the easiest ones that you can do. In fact, since everything takes place at the venue, the guests simply have to show up. Booking an event is easy because it can be done online through the website. Additionally, parental waivers can be filled out online to shorten the wait time upon arrival on the day of the event. The overall process is so much easier which allows parents to focus on other aspects of the party such as  filling up goodie bags.

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your child’s birthday, then consider Altitude Louisville is your number one choice. Kids will enjoy hours of fun with friends and family while parents can either jump in or spend time snapping some memorable photos. Altitude has something for everyone which it is worth considering the complex as a venue for your next celebration.
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Entertaining Kids Parties

March 21, 2019

Exciting Kids Parties

partiesAltitude Louisville is an enclosed trampoline park made for children of all ages, large and small! Trampolines are a fun and easy way for kids to enjoy some much needed activity while creating lasting memories. Altitude takes the whole concept up a notch and creates a fantastic experience for all who visit the vast entertainment complex.

Birthday parties are certainly worth having because any age is a milestone and kids love inviting friends and relatives along to celebrate their newest year. The issue with party planning however, is that it can get a little overwhelming for moms, dads and guardians who are feverishly looking for something different to do every single year. Instead of getting frustrated, take a step back and consider simple fun with Quick read more or view full article a little food, and of course a cake. Keeping it simple can certainly reduce frustrations and allow you time to enjoy the celebration

Preparing parties in any case can be a challenge, but selecting a venue early on can solve many issues rather quickly. At Altitude, all of the entertainment takes place in the same venue. You do not have to worry about running around town and getting everyone to hard to find locations. Altitude is centrally located and a short distance from area landmarks; it is easy to find.

Once you have selected your venue, choose the number of guests who will be in attendance and book your event.

Setting Up Kids Parties at Altitude

Do you wish to book a birthday party at Altitude?  Setting up your event is easy. You can reserve your parties online through the website. Simply choose the size of your party, the date of your event and decide if you would like to include pizza and water. You can bring your own cake into the venue.

Once you have nailed down your party venue and the party date, prepare your invitations. Make sure that you allow ample time for sending the invitations and receiving responses. If you need to make adjustments to your group size, call the venue ahead of time especially if you will be including food items. It is always a good idea to pad your group size just a little to make room for last minute additions because you simply never know and some people will not R.S.V.P, but will still show up for an event.
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Popular Kids Parties

February 25, 2019

Fantastic Kids Parties

Popular Kids PartiesAltitude Louisville is an indoor trampoline park created for kids of all ages. Trampolines are an enjoyable as well as simple way to amuse youngsters at parties. Altitude integrates a wildly popular piece of bouncing equipment with a next level experience on a massive scale.

Planning an event can be a difficult job, nonetheless when it comes to Altitude Louisville, you can be certain that your celebration preparation will be a lot easier. Organizing gatherings at a trampoline park such as Altitude relieves a heavy load while allowing you more time to focus on enjoying the experience with your friends and loved ones.

Birthday parties are a must since birthdays are a milestone and they should also be memorable. Brainstorming unique Quick read more or view full article ideas that will leave a lasting impression can be tough but with Altitude, your problem of dreaming up the perfect event is solved.

Kids Parties at Altitude Louisville

Altitude naturally creates a memorable experience. As huge indoor playground with large trampolines everywhere, attractions such as the  foam pit, basketball courts, tumbling tracks and dodgeball courts make it a one-stop venue for fun and festivities.

At first glance, it may seem challenging to come up with a fun party idea that cannot be outdone, however,  Altitude Louisville is the response to a fantastic occasion that will certainly create long lasting memories for your birthday boy or girl and his or her guests.

Looking to book your party? Scheduling events with Altitude is very easy. You can set up a full two hour event online. In addition, you can include extras such as pizza and water. If you’d like you can order pizza from a nearby vendor. All you really need to bring is your guests, cake and decorations if you desire. A member of the Altitude staff will be assigned to your party to assist with setup and cleanup of your event.

Scheduling parties with Altitude is very easy. There are alternatives offered for an event area or the trampoline area. Partygoers can invest a huge block of time leaping, jumping, turning as well as evaluating out their abilities.
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Memorable Parties for Children

January 17, 2019

Wonderful Parties and Gatherings

Memorable Parties for ChildrenBirthday parties should be fun and memorable not only for the birthday boy or girl but their many guests as well. Planning an event for a special occasion often requires a special touch. The events that most people remember for years to come are the ones that are unique. While it may seem difficult to come up with a party idea that has not already been outdone, Altitude Louisville is the answer to a festive event that will create lasting memories.

Altitude Louisville is an indoor trampoline park which is designed for children of all ages. Trampolines are a fun and simple way to entertain children at a party or social gathering. Though Altitude incorporates an apparatus that most people are familiar Quick read more or view full article with, they certainly take the activity of jumping on a trampoline to the next level.

Planning out the details of parties can be a cumbersome task, however in the case of Altitude Louisville, you can be sure that your party planning efforts will be much easier. Hosting parties at an indoor trampoline park such as Altitude takes some of the load off while allowing you time to focus on other details

Why Host Parties at Altitude?

Altitude offers unique experience. The experience is what has made the venue such a popular destination for fun. Besides being a large playground with huge trampolines, the complex offers additional attractions such as a foam pit, basketball courts, tumbling tracks and a dodgeball courts. The venue is appropriate for kids of all ages and also includes a toddler play area for smaller children.

Party planning can consume a great deal of time as you will be responsible for many aspects. Throwing trampoline parties at Altitude is easy because you do not have to be worried about set-up and clean-up which can take up a serious amount of time depending on the size of your party.

Booking parties with Altitude is easy. In fact, you can start by booking your event online. There are options available for a party room or the trampoline room. You can also include pizza if you choose. Most importantly, the entertainment aspect takes care of itself. Partygoers can spend a large block of time jumping, bouncing, flipping and testing out their skills.
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Popular Parties for Children

December 24, 2018

Parties for Kids All Year

Popular parties for children include cookouts, paintball, roller skating, laser tag, bowling, picnics and pool parties. While some of these activities may be appropriate for spring and summer birthdays, others may not be so great during the colder months that occur between fall and winter. If you have an upcoming birthday celebration and are searching for a venue, look no further than Altitude Louisville.

Why is Altitude at Top Choice for Parties?

Altitude Louisville is an indoor trampoline park. One of the hardest decisions you will have when planning parties is choosing a venue. Altitude makes selecting a party location easier throughout the year. Due to the fact that the park is inside, it is fully enclosed. Unlike picnics, cookouts and outdoor pool parties, you can have a trampoline party any time of the year. Altitude is Quick read more or view full article open year-round and accessible rain or shine.

You may be wondering what else is there to do at Altitude Louisville beside jumping on a trampoline. Well, there are actually many activities that your guests can enjoy within the entertainment complex. Also, since Altitude is huge, there is not one but many trampolines available for partygoers. Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Trampoline Parties and More

popular parties for childrenAt Altitude, guests can enjoy fun activities such as basketball and dodgeball which are played on trampolines as well. Among all of the popular parties that you can choose to have for children, an indoor trampoline park will certainly be memorable. The park is appropriate for kids of all ages and there is even a toddler play area for smaller children

Unlike most video game parties where kids sit around for hours in front of television screens or monitors, Altitude encourages children to get up and move so there is an added benefit of physical fitness as well. Kids love to run and play and release excess energy. Altitude Louisville is the perfect place to get a great workout and have some fun as well.

There are tumbling tracks where children can try out new moves and also a foam pit, an attraction that is always popular. Kids of every size and even parents will enjoy hanging out at the trampoline park for a couple of hours.

If you are hoping to have one of the most memorable kids parties, book your next event at Altitude Louisville. Booking online is simple and so is the handling of your party details. You will be assigned a staff member that will help with set up before and clean up after your party. The arrangement allows you to focus on having fun.
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Best Parties in Town

November 19, 2018

Kids Parties at Altitude Louisville

best parties in townThrowing parties is one of the most exciting things that you can do. Even if you are not a huge party planner, there are ways to put together a fantastic event without too much effort. If you have been delegated to plan a children’s party, consider Altitude Louisville as your go to venue for your celebration.

Choosing an exciting activity is one of the most important aspects of all parties. Since you will want your guests to be entertained, selecting just the right activity will make the rest of the event a breeze. Activities should be age appropriate and should not require too much labor. Children will likely want to get into the fun as quickly as possible.

Quick read more or view full article id="docs-internal-guid-d5141d2f-7fff-774f-347d-8125643bb426">Another important part of all parties is food and beverages. Once at play, children will work up quite an appetite so it is a good idea to have a main course and some delicious drinks to enjoy. Regardless of the size of your group, planning out food items should not be a hassle. Keep your options simple and choose items that require as little cleanup as possible. Pizza is often an ideal option for kids parties because most children like it. You may consider alternate items for children that may have allergies or for those children that do not eat dairy.

Planning Parties at Altitude Louisville

Altitude Louisville makes planning a party easy. In fact, the entertainment complex comes complete with your activity, food and beverages. You can book a party of any size and celebrate in a special area. All you need to do is bring the guests and the cake. Altitude will take care of the rest, including cleanup once your party is over.

Keeping children entertained at a party can be tough, but not at Altitude. Since the venue is an indoor trampoline park, kids will never get bored. There is something to do for everyone and the park is perfect for children of all ages. Some of the activities that your guests can enjoy include: dodgeball, basketball, a foam pit and tumbling tracks.

Book your next party at Altitude. The trampoline park is a great place to celebrate any occasion. Setting up your event is easy and you can do it all online. Simply select the number of guests in your party and choose your food options. Plan ahead and fill out your waivers online to shorten the wait in line when you arrive.
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Planning Kids Parties

October 14, 2018

Cool Birthday Parties-All Ages

Planning Kids PartiesPlanning kids parties is a breeze with the right approach. The best way to keep the process stress-free is to stay organized. Allow yourself plenty of time to manage all of the minor details that will eventually lead to a fantastic occasion.

When it is time to plan parties, one of the first things that you’ll want to do is decide how many guests you plan on inviting. Knowing how many people will be attending will help you determine where to hold your event. The venue should be in a convenient location, large enough to accommodate your guests and within your budget.

Altitude Louisville is an ideal venue for hosting parties because it is local and in close proximity to Quick read more or view full article area highlights which is a plus. Finding the venue is easy and since it is an entertainment complex, it is large enough for groups of all sizes.

In addition to choosing your guest list, you will also want to ensure that the main event is age appropriate. Altitude offers a number of activities for children of ages. Typically 2-hours of entertainment is enough to keep children engaged when combined with time for food, drinks, cake and gifts. Longer parties may be more appropriate for older children ranging up to 4-hours.

Planning Tips for Parties

Keeping planning checklist is a helpful way to stay organized when planning. In addition, allow plenty of time to book your event. You may consider booking an engagement one month to two weeks in advance depending on how busy a particular season is. Send out your invitations for kids parties about two weeks in advance and allow one week to receive RSVPs.

When you book a party at Altitude Louisville, you do not have to worry about finding an activity for your guests because the main attraction is none other than the trampoline. The concept is exciting and kids will enjoy hours of fun. There are plenty of activities at the complex which include basketball, dodgeball, a foam pit and tumbling area.  Explore party packages at Altitude to find which one would be perfect for your event.
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No drop of allowed. All children must have adult present at all times for safety measures. No outside food/drinks allowed unless you have a booked party with us.