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Trampoline Party Made Easy

January 22, 2020

Kids Trampoline Party

trampoline_partyAltitude Louisville takes the hassle out of party planning with a trampoline party made easy. Planning any gathering takes a little time and effort however, a party at Altitude is virtually effortless. If you are looking for something original, yet simple to enjoy for your next kids birthday party, then consider hosting your next function at Altitude Louisville. 

Kinds enjoy being active and what better way to get them up and on the move, then having them spend time at a trampoline party for a couple of hours. Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to achieve a fun workout with friends. Altitude is the perfect place for children of all ages and there are plenty of activities for everyone. 

Trampoline Party Quick read more or view full article Activities 

Parents often get frustrated when going to extremes with planning parties for children. Children enjoy simple fun. Having a trampoline party is an ideal way to keep children entertained. They will never grow bored of jumping around Altitude Louisville’s wall-to-wall trampolines. Additional activities include a foam pit, dodgeball court, basketball court and tumbling tracks. For smaller children, there is also a toddler play area. 

Parties are also easy to manage at Altitude Louisville because the set-up and clean-up is handled by the staff. All parents really have to do is bring the guests, a cake and some additional swag if desired. There is an option to include pizza which most kids enjoy. Parents and party planners can personalize the experience by working in a unique theme or special characters into items such as plates, napkins, cups and centerpieces for the tables. You may choose to celebrate in a private room or in an open area. 

 The fun never stops at Altitude Louisville so jump in and get ready to bounce and flip. Test your skills and take adventure to new heights. Explore the many attractions that Altitude Louisville has to offer. Book your next party at the largest indoor trampoline park around. 
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Fantastic Trampoline Party

December 19, 2019

Trampoline Party Idea

trampoline partyCelebrating a birthday is a great time to host a party at Altitude Louisville. You and your guests can enjoy all the fun of a trampoline party at the largest indoor jumping complex. Create great memories and capture exciting moments while spending a couple of hours jumping, flipping and more at Altitude Louisville. Planning a party at the entertainment complex still allows you plenty of room for creativity with the right steps. There is no reason to feel exhausted or frustrated when organizing a celebration. Birthdays should be fun, so why not get the process started by planning your next event at Altitude Louisville. 

Trampoline Party?

If you are not sure about having a trampoline party, look no further than Altitude Louisville, where Quick read more or view full article all of the fun takes place in one venue. The party never stops and there is something to do for everyone. Children of all ages will find activities to enjoy at the trampoline park. Adults can also hang out during birthday parties and join in on the fun if they choose. 

Backyard trampoline parties can be fun, but they are a great deal of work. At Altitude, the party is taken care of for you. You do not have to worry about setting up, cleaning up or not having enough space to accommodate all of your guests. Altitude has wall to wall trampolines plus more. Moreover, a staff member will be assigned to your group to help with getting the party started by setting up your event. There is an option to hold the trampoline party in a private room or in an open seating area. Whichever you choose, the party will be a great success and most importantly stress-free. 

Attractions at Altitude Louisville include basketball courts, tumbling tracks and a dodgeball court to play. Kids will enjoy diving into a large foam pit and might even get the chance to meet and greet with popular characters. Looking for a memorable event? Book your next birthday celebration at Altitude Louisville.

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Exciting Kids Trampoline Party

November 15, 2019

The Best Trampoline Party of The Year

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate an upcoming birthday, then consider holding your next event at Altitude Louisville. Altitude is the best place to have a trampoline party that will be memorable. Finding fresh ideas for kids birthday parties can get exhausting without the proper planning. Although parties are a great opportunity to be creative in putting together a celebration, they should not frustrating. The most important factor is fun and with a birthday gathering at Altitude Louisville, you cannot go wrong.

What is a Trampoline Party?

You may be wondering why having a trampoline party is such a great idea. Who doesn’t love a trampoline? Kids have them in their backyards and children of all Quick read more or view full article ages enjoy jumping on them. Even older teens and adults enjoy doing flips on a trampoline. Altitude Louisville, however takes trampoline fun to the next level in an enclosed environment. Jumping on a trampoline in someone’s backyard may not be the safest idea although it may be quite adventurous. Altitude takes the thrill of the trampoline and combines it with several unique attractions in a manner that is safe for children of all ages.

Hosting a trampoline party at Altitude Louisville is very easy. Hassle-free party planning is something that every parent or guardian will be pleased about. Everything takes place right at the party venue, which is a large entertainment complex. Conveniently located, Altitude is centrally placed and easy to find. You do not have to worry about your guests finding the most popular entertainment complex in the area.

Setting up your party at the trampoline park can be done through the website. You can choose the number of guests that will be attending as well as make your food selection. Waivers can also be filled out online. The process is simple and you’ll even have help setting up and breaking down your event.There are many attractions to enjoy at the trampoline park including dodgeball courts, a basketball court, foam pit, and tumbling areas. 
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Planning A Successful Trampoline Party

October 9, 2019

Plan A Successful Trampoline Party

trampoline partyPlanning a successful trampoline party is easy for parents looking for a festive way to celebrate a special day without the stress. Trampoline parties are exciting for children of all ages. Not only does the apparatus encourages physical activity but it also challenges kids who enjoy adventures. Although many people may forego a party involving a trampoline if they do not already own one, there is another fantastic alternative. Birthday parties can be held at a trampoline park such as Altitude Louisville. 

Altitude is a large indoor trampoline complex. The concept of the trampoline is taken to an entirely different level where Altitude is concerned. Using an innovative approach to entertain children of all ages, the trampoline park incorporates popular sports Quick read more or view full article into the experience. As an event venue, the park is the perfect choice for people looking for a hassle-free celebration with little planning. With just a few ideas for planning a trampoline party, pulling off a great event without a hitch is within reach

Trampoline Party Suggestions

Before you set the wheels into motion for your trampoline party, consider when your event will be planned. It is a good idea to have two or three dates in mind just in case the first date you choose is not available. One of the best ways to remain stress-free during your party planning is to be as flexible as possible. 

Hosting a trampoline party at Altitude Louisville will consist of all of your entertainment. There is a foam pit, dodgeball court, basketball court as well as enclosed trampoline areas for free jumping. You can always add a personal touch to your event by creating a theme. Before selecting a theme, find out what your child would prefer. Are there any characters that he or she likes? Decorations from popular characters are usually easy to find at mainstream party supply stores. A more cost-effective alternative to shopping party stores is to make your decorations or shop at smaller dollar stores for basic colors. You can really be creative with a little effort. 

Altitude Louisville is a place that all of the guests in your party will enjoy. Book your event online and reserve a few additional tickets for parents who may want to hang out at the birthday party to spend time with their children. Trampolines are not only popular among children, adults love them too. 
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Plan a Trampoline Party Celebration

September 15, 2019

Trampoline Party Options

trampoline_partyThrowing a trampoline party at Altitude Louisville is simple. The indoor trampoline park allows guests to book parties online. All you have to do is choose the number of guests that you would like to attend. Safety waivers can also be completed online so that you can shorten the amount of time spent waiting in line at the venue the day you arrive. Your two-hour party will consist of jumping, either a party space or open area to celebrate, pizza if you choose and fantastic attractions for kids.

You can still make your trampoline party your own when you choose to celebrate at Altitude Louisville. If you choose to book a party room, you can bring your own decorations, cake and swag bags for giveaways. Pizza is always Quick read more or view full article a plus and water is included. Don’t forget plates, napkins and utensils for your cake or cupcakes. You may decide to personalize things by choosing a special theme that your child enjoys. The theme can be included in decorations, the cake or perhaps you might request that guests wear attire that also matches the theme for some added fun. 

Birthday parties at Altitude Louisville are the best in town. Kids will not only enjoy spending time on the trampolines but other activities include a foam pit, dodgeball court and a basketball court. Children of all ages will enjoy a celebration at Altitude. Book your next birthday and start creating some stellar memories.

Book A Trampoline Party

The trampoline is a great focus for a birthday party. Planning a trampoline party is easier than you might think. Kids love jumping around on trampolines. You can do a simple party at home however, not everyone has a trampoline in their backyard. A simple solution is to hold your party at a trampoline party venue. A place that is great for hosting birthdays is Altitude Louisville. Altitude is a festive entertainment complex that is ideal for celebrations. Ultimately, it is an indoor trampoline park, perfect for children of all ages. Read Less
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Popular Trampoline Party Venue

August 11, 2019

Awesome Trampoline Party Idea

Anytime is a great time to host a trampoline party. As the summer season comes to a close and kids get ready to head off to school, a new year of celebrations is soon to kick off. Finding simple ways to celebrate a birthday can be a rewarding experience. There is absolutely no reason why frustration should be part of the party planning experience. Children enjoy having fun and will likely appreciate even the smallest efforts to provide memorable moments with friends and loved ones. The challenge in finding a way to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday is choosing an activity that is unique. 

Today, there are many out of the box ideas that party planners can select to celebrate a birthday. One popular choice among many Quick read more or view full article is the trampoline party. Having a party and incorporating a trampoline may not always be the first idea that comes to mind, but trampoline parks are growing in popularity. Altitude Louisville is one of the most sought after venues for trampoline fun. Perfect for all ages, the trampoline park provides a safe place for kids to play, spending hours jumping in an enclosed entertainment complex. Birthday parties are more exciting with Altitude Louisville. 

Trampoline Party Experience

Every trampoline park is unique and offers a different experience for guests. Altitude stand out because not only is it a trampoline park but it incorporates entertaining sports ideas into the entire concept. For example, at Altitude, kids can play basketball and dodgeball all while jumping on trampolines. While there is an open area for jumping around, there are also tumbling tracks that can be used for building skills. Altitude is not just a place for older children as there is also a toddler play area available for little ones to enjoy. 

The appeal in Altitude Louisville as a birthday venue, is that it really provides a one-stop-shop for fun. Everything that you need to entertain party guests happens right inside of the complex. Since the venue is indoors, you can celebrate birthdays at anytime during the year without being limited by weather conditions. The trampoline park is centrally located and easy to find. Altitude Louisville really takes the headache out of planning a trampoline party and all you really have to do is bring your guests, your party person, cake and goodie bags. There are options for food and beverages and an assigned staff member to assist with the setup and cleanup of your party. Consider booking your next birthday celebration at Altitude Louisville.  Read Less
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Unique Trampoline Party Planning Tips

July 2, 2019

The Perfect Trampoline Party

Party planning does not have to be a frustrating experience for parents. In fact choosing a simple event such as a trampoline party might be a great idea. The bottom line is that your party should be successful no matter what type of celebration you choose to hold. Birthdays, graduations, promotions and summer kick off gatherings are just a few special milestones that offer the perfect opportunity to throw a party

Altitude Louisville is an excellent venue for a trampoline party. The event complex includes huge indoor trampolines and is filled with exciting attractions for children of all ages. While searching online you may find many different party ideas but not all of them will be crowd pleasers. When you are  putting together an event for a large Quick read more or view full article group of people, it is best to stick to activities that are age appropriate. A trampoline party offers something for everyone. You should not have to worry about entertaining younger or older siblings, cousins and friends because the more the merrier. 

Trampoline Party Planning

Planning a unique party might seem like a challenging task but it really doesn't have to be. With adequate time allowed, you should be able to make your event memorable while standing out from all of the rest. While it may be tempting to go overboard, it is not always necessary with children who look for great entertainment above all. Remember, planning out a great party should not add to your stress. In fact, throwing a kid's party should be exciting for both you and your child or children. 

Altitude Louisville delivers all of your party needs in one place. Not only will you have the entertainment in the form of large trampolines but there are plenty of other activities to enjoy as well. Kids can enjoy playing basketball, dodgeball and diving into a foam pit. There are tumbling areas and spaces where smaller children can play safely. Your party can include pizza, water to stay refreshed and setup and clean up are taken care of for you. 

Although hosting a party at Altitude means that most of the major details are taken care of, you can still make the event even more memorable by incorporating a theme with your child's help. Stick to themes that your child enjoys. Perhaps he or she has a favorite sport, character or color. All of these elements can be woven into your party through simple fixings such as the invitations, goody bags, paper goods, decoration and thank you notes of course. You can even choose to have your guests wear a color or outfit that matches your theme. The possibilities are endless and Altitude makes throwing the perfect party a seamless process.  Read Less
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Festive Trampoline Party

June 12, 2019

Planning an Exciting Trampoline Party

trampoline-partyHosting a trampoline party is a fun and easy way to celebrate almost any occasion. Planning an event should not be a difficult task. In fact, the best parties are often those that provide simple fun. Sure, there are times to host an elaborate event however, when it comes to children's parties, uncomplicated is always recommended. Before you plan your next gathering, check out the following tips for hosting a totally exciting event.

Before planning a trampoline party, you should first put together a guest list of people you wish to invite. A good rule of thumb is to invite the number of children that equals the age of the child for whom the celebration is for. For example, if you are hosting Quick read more or view full article a birthday party and your child is turning 8, then 8 guests may be appropriate. You should also consider invitations for any chaperones or parents that may want to attend. Having additional chaperones is helpful for very large groups.

A huge part of hosting a great event, including a trampoline party is finding the perfect location. Party locations should ideally be easy to find, convenient to access for partking and most importatly provide you with all of the things that you need to entertain your guests. Holding your event at one venue reduces the time spent coordinating events.

A fantastic venue to hold a party is Altitude Louisville. Altitude is a huge indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. Kids enjoy hanging out at the trampoline park to simply just have fun bouncing and flipping around with friends. Altitude is a great place to spend a few hours or celebrate a milestone such as a birthday, school promotion or team building outing. Children of all ages will enjoy the indoor trampoline complex and there are activities for everyone to enjoy.

Once you have put together a guest list and selected a venue, send out your invitations in a timely manner. Ensure that you have provided an ample window of time for guests to respond and make adjustments if necessary. Set your R.S.V.P. date a few days ahead of your event so that you can add or subtract guests as needed. Having firm numbers ready will also help with things such as ordering food or assembling the right amount of goodie bags.

Trampoline Party Activities

Altitude is a complete entertainment hub and the perfect location to host a celebration. While wall to wall trampolines are indeed a highlight, there are other activities that kids can enjoy as well. Children who love sports and friendly competition can spend time playing basketball or dodgeball both taking place on the trampolines. There is also a foam pit and tumbling areas which are also enjoyable areas within the indoor playground.

Hosting a celebration at Altitude Louisville eliminates many of the headaches linked to planning a party. All of your activities take place in one enclosed area. You can hold an event rain or shine throughout the year and you can skip worrying about setup and cleanup because the venue takes care of party spaces for you. Book your next celebration at Altitude Louisville.

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Hosting A Trampoline Party

May 18, 2019

Celebrate with a Trampoline Party

Hosting a trampoline party is a unique idea for kids of all ages. In fact, you can celebrate almost any ocassion at a trampoline park such as Altitude Louisville. Planning a group gathering should not be a stressful matter. When you choose to hold your celebration at an indoor trampoline park, many of your typical party planning problems are already solved. One of the main reasons why hosting a party at Altitude is a great idea is because the venue is a one-stop shop for fun. 

Anytime an activity is centered around a trampoline you can be sure of a few things. First, kids attending your event will have hours of fun. Children at a trampoline party will never get bored and most importantly they will be very active, getting rid of some energy while engaging with other children in a safe Quick read more or view full article environment. You simply cannot go wrong with a trampoline celebration. Everyone in your party will remember it; everyone in your party will have fun. 

The idea of a trampoline party is taken to the next level at Altitude Louisville where there are plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. There is a basketball court, a dodgeball court, foam pit and tumbling tracks where children can flex their skills or just tumble for fun. Since all of the attractions are indoors, the venue makes a great choice for entertainment, rain or shine. While it may be ideal to hold celebrations during the warmer months, it is not always practical or possible since celebrations can literally occur any time during the year. 

Trampoline Party Venue

Altitude Louisville is centrally located which means that it is an accessible venue and likely convenient for all of your guests. You certainly will love your trampoline party and so will your guests. Moreover, the birthday boy or girl will also love celebrating his or her birthday at the entertainment complex because the fun really never stops. 

Hosting a celebration should be free from headaches and an affordable option for youth of all ages. At Altitude, everything is taken care of for you. Simply bring your birthday crew and get ready to make some awesome memories. Set-up, clean up and even pizza is included during your visit. A staff member will help you get your party set up and also clean up your area once your event is over. This arrangment eliminates stressful moments and allows you to focus on enjoying the moment with your friends and loved ones. 

If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate an occassion, check out Altitude Louisville for a fantastic experience that is both entertaining and memorable. Book your event online and select your additions. You can order pizza or bring your own. Don't forget the cake!  Read Less
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Trampoline Party Planning Tips

April 17, 2019

Fun and Simple Trampoline Party Idea

Trampoline PartyPlanning a kids party should be generally fun and simple. While most people have had to put together an event at some point, planning a trampoline party just might be something you have never done before. Events centered on the trampoline are bound to be exciting for kids to love to be active.

Trampoline party plans should be stress-free. Of course the keyword here is “plan” which is something that you should always keep in mind when throwing any celebratory event. One of the first things that you will want to do when organizing your party is determine your budget. How much are you willing to spend to throw the perfect trampoline party?

Although hosting a trampoline party Quick read more or view full article might seem like a huge undertaking in terms of your budget, it certainly doesn’t have to be. You can host a fun gathering for an affordable price by booking a party at Altitude Louisville, the ultimate trampoline park and one-stop destination for fun. You are able to book as small or as large of a party that you would like.

The next step in planning a party includes deciding how many guests will attend. A good rule of thumb is to include the number of children that are equal to the age that your child is turning this year. For example, if it is your child’s 5th birthday, invite 5 friends to attend the party. Since everyone you invite may not be able to attend, you can always give out a few additional invitations and not worry about exceeding your guest list by too many R.S.V.P.s.

Trampoline Party Time Year-Round

Next, decide when you would like to hold your party. One of many great things about Altitude Louisville is that it is open year-round. Foul weather does not have to interrupt your party because the venue is fully-enclosed. You can actually book your visit to the entertainment complex through the website.

Do not try to take on the entire role of party planner all alone. You can enlist the help of siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends by delegating certain tasks so that you can focus your energy elsewhere. Planning a large gathering can be overwhelming without a little assistance.
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Trampoline Party Events

March 21, 2019

Trampoline Party Celebrations

trampoline partyThrowing a trampoline party  is a fantastic idea that you may never have considered in the past. While there are many activities that kids can enjoy for an occasion, few are appropriate for all ages. Considering that most kids invite friends and family to birthday celebrations, it is likely that your group will span a couple of age groups.

If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate an occasion, chose Altitude Louisville, an indoor trampoline complex and park for kids of all ages. Youngsters over all will absolutely enjoy the new spin that Altitude includes on the concept of the trampoline. A trampoline party is a simple celebration that will offer hours of fun and many wonderful memories.

Trampoline Party Quick read more or view full article Occasions

Party planning should not cause you to overextend yourself or your budget. There is no need to create unnecessary frustration trying to get a group together for something that is ultimately supposed to be fun. Hosting a party at Altitude will eliminate any such frustration as the venue provides the entertainment, you and your group simply need to show up. Of course booking in advance is recommended if you have a group and you can even get a space to celebrate privately.

Trampoline Party Activities

There are many attractions at Altitude so you do not have to worry about children getting bored. Remember, the venue places a whole new twist on the trampoline so they have added some really cool activities to enjoy. Check out some of the adventures that kids can partake in at Altitude Trampoline Park.

Toppling Tracks
Foam Pit
Basketball and also Dodgeball Judiciaries
Young child Play area
Confined Trampoline Location

A trampoline party is the perfect solution for loved ones that aren’t quite sure what to do this year, or the next. In fact, you can have a fun party at Altitude any time of the year because it is open year-round! Rain or shine, you can enjoy spending time at the trampoline park without the weather impacting your plans.

Planning your party with Altitude is also hassle-free. You are able to go online and make a reservation for your party. There are options available for food and to finish off your engagement, you can bring along a cake as well. Cleanup is not an issue because a staff member will be assigned to your party to help with both the setup and cleanup of your event.

As you can see, Altitude takes the practical fun of the trampoline up a notch as well as offers an outstanding alternative to the usual birthday celebrations which otherwise might be dull after doing the same thing every year. Book your next party with Altitude and create amazing memories for your birthday boy or girl.
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Kids Trampoline Party

February 25, 2019

Trampoline Party Time

kids trampoline partyAltitude Louisville is a great event concept for every age. Also, there is something for every person to appreciate, event adults too! Children above all will certainly love the brand-new spin that Altitude adds on the concept of the trampoline. A trampoline party is an easy gathering. In fact,  you can commemorate virtually any kind of celebration without going too far overboard or getting frustrated during planning.

Having a trampoline party is a fresh idea that you might not have thought about in your past event brainstorming. While there are any number of ways that you can celebrate an occasion, trampoline festivities will not only be memorable, but keep your party guests entertained.


Trampoline Party Location

If you are Quick read more or view full article searching for excellent methods to commemorate an upcoming birthday or perhaps a unique event, think about hosting a trampoline party.  You do not have to go out of your way to find an excellent location for your occasion. Located for easy access from all points in the city, Altitude Louisville is the best choice for a trampoline event.

Trampoline Party Attractions for Kids

There are many entertaining attractions at Altitude that can be included as part of your event. Children will be engaged for roughly two hours with the fantastic list of activities below:

Tumbling Tracks
Foam Pit
Basketball and Dodgeball Courts
Toddler Playground
Enclosed Trampoline Area

As you can see, Altitude takes the simplicity of the trampoline up a notch and provides an excellent alternative to the typical birthday party celebrations that might otherwise be rather boring after several years.

In addition to Altitude’s great location, the event venue is fully-enclosed so you can visit rain or shine which does not have to dampen your party plans.

Booking your party with Altitude is easy. You can set up your party reservation through the website. Simply select the number of guests, your event date and extras. You will need adults to sign a participation waiver and that is also available online as well. While Altitude does offer pizza and water, you can bring your own decorations and cake. A party host will be on hand to help you with set-up and clean-up so that you can focus on having fun.
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Host a Trampoline Party

January 17, 2019

The Ultimate Trampoline Party

Host a Trampoline PartyIf you are looking for great ways to celebrate an upcoming birthday or special occasion, then consider holding a trampoline party. You do not have to go far to find the perfect place for your event. In fact, conveniently located for easy access from all areas is Altitude Louisville, an indoor entertainment complex and trampoline park.

Having a trampoline party is a fresh idea that you may not necessarily have considered in your party plans. While there are any number of activities that you can have for celebrations, a trampoline party is one that will encourage your partygoers to be active. Not only is jumping on trampolines a great workout, but it is perfect for all ages. Many times, choosing a Quick read more or view full article fun activity for all of your guests can be a challenge if some people cannot participate due to age restrictions.

Altitude Louisville is idea for all age groups and there is something for everyone to enjoy, including adults. Kids most of all will enjoy the new spin that Altitude delivers on the concept of the trampoline. A trampoline party is a simple but fun way to celebrate almost any occasion without the typical hassles associated with event planning.

Trampoline Party Activities

There are plenty of attractions at Altitude that you can incorporate into your event. Although kids would be perfectly content spending an hour or two simply jumping on the trampolines. There are other activities that your guests can expect to enjoy at the entertainment complex. Below is a list of attractions available during your visit to Altitude Louisville.

Fully-enclosed trampoline area
Tumbling tracks
Foam pit
Basketball court
Dodgeball court
Toddler play area

As you can see, Altitude takes the concept of the trampoline to the next level by including some popular games and activities that kids often enjoy.

The wonderful aspect of Altitude should be noted is the fact that the venue is fully-enclosed. This means that you can host an event there at any point during the year. Your party plans do not have to be interrupted as they might be with an outdoor celebration. Altitude is open rain or shine so it is even a great place to visit on any occasion.
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Trampoline Party Planning

December 24, 2018

How to Throw a Trampoline Party

Trampoline Party PlanningThrowing a trampoline party is a unique and festive idea that will certainly be a hit. In fact, hosting a party at venue where kids can jump around for a couple of hours is headache-free. Normally, planning a party can get extremely frustrating as you try to figure out what will leave the best impression and deliver the most fun.

Working through all of the details of a party requires some planning ahead but there is no reason why throwing an event should cause stress. After all, parties are fun occasions that are to be celebrated. Playing host or hostess is never an easy task but choosing a trampoline party as your main attraction will solve many potential problems with ease. Quick read more or view full article Read on to learn why including a trampoline in your event will create the best party ever.

Why a Trampoline Party?

A trampoline party will deliver a complete entertainment package. Instead of finding a venue, hiring entertainment and catering food, everything will be all in one place. Altitude Louisville is a great place to host a party. The entertainment complex provides the activity, a place to celebrate, and pizza. Of course it is always easy to keep the food items simple because most children will be more interested in being entertained.

When most people think of a trampoline, what comes to mind is a big round apparatus that is usually in a backyard or perhaps a gymnastics facility. While hosting parties in your backyard is great, the weather is not always permitting. Altitude is open year-round. You can book a party throughout the seasons. Since the venue is indoors and fully enclosed, rain does not have to dampen your event.

There is so much more to do at Altitude Louisville than you might imagine. Among the attractions are a dodgeball court, a basketball court and foam pits. There are also tumbling tracks where jumpers can try out new maneuvers. Not all event venues are appropriate for all ages so finding just the right place can become a challenge. Altitude has something for everyone including a toddler play area.

Hosting a trampoline party is a great way to take your party game to the next level. Not only will kids enjoy it, but adults will too. You can book your next celebration at Altitude right through the website. Simply select the number of guests who will be in attendance along with your add-ons. Pizza can be added and you can choose to celebrate in the trampoline area or in a party space. All you really will have to bring is your partygoers and the cake. Setup and clean-up is handled by the venue staff so that means less headaches for you and more time to party. Read Less
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Plan a Trampoline Party

November 19, 2018

Best Place for a Trampoline Party

Booking a  trampoline party for a kids birthplan a trampoline partyday is certain to be a win. Kids love jumping around on trampolines and now they can do so safely within an enclosed area. Altitude Louisville is the premier entertainment complex and trampoline park providing fun for all ages. You can plan to hold a celebration any time of the year rain or shine since the venue is indoors. Altitude is a great option for celebrations taking place in the fall or winter when weather conditions outside might not be ideal.

Your trampoline party at Altitude will be hassle-free because the entertainment takes care of itself. Your guests will have plenty of time to jump and hang out in some of Quick read more or view full article the other areas of the indoor trampoline park. Main attractions include a foam pit, dodgeball courts, basketball courts and open areas to jump and tumble. Hosting an event at Altitude will free you up to enjoy jumping along with the kids or perhaps snapping a few photos to remember the occasion.

Hosting a trampoline party is a great way to turn your event into an interactive experience. There is absolutely no reason why you should toil over planning your next birthday party. Your event should be all about the fun and completely stress free. At Altitude, you do not even have to worry about cleaning up after your party goers, the party hosts take care of that for you.

Book a Trampoline Party Online

You may be wondering how easy it is to book your party after discovering that Altitude Louisville is a popular party venue with a unique experience for all. Booking your special occasion is easy. Contact Altitude directly or simply book your event online.

First, select the number of guests that will be in attendance. If you are not certain about how many guests will attend right away, you can always add more on at checkout time. A good rule of thumb when it comes to kids’ parties is to book the number of guests that coincide with your child’s age. You may require more or less but at Altitude, you can book up to 20 jumpers online.

Then, determine if you would like a private or trampoline room for your group. Next, choose whether or not you’d like to include pizza with your booking or no pizza. Altitude allows you to bring only outside pizza. You can also bring a cake and ice cream into the venue for your party.

Since your group will work up a sweat jumping for a total of 2 hours of jump and party time, they can enjoy free bottled water which is available for all party guests. Additional perks include a free jump pass for the birthday person and a t-shirt. Guests gain access to the whole part during the party which include the main court area, foam pit and the dodgeball courts.
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Booking a Trampoline Party

October 14, 2018

Try a Trampoline Party

Booking a Trampoline PartyLooking for a new way to celebrate? Consider hosting a trampoline party! If you don’t happen to have a trampoline of your own, then Altitude Louisville has you covered. The venue is the largest trampoline park in the area and a huge entertainment complex for children of all ages. Jumping and bouncing on trampolines is a fun way to get kids moving and will without a doubt be the highlight of your event.

You may be wondering what else Altitude has to offer besides bouncing around. First, the venue is indoors and fully-enclosed. This means that you can throw a trampoline party rain or shine any time throughout the year. You can get really creative and celebrate almost any type of Quick read more or view full article event at Altitude though birthdays are a likely choice.

Besides jumping there are some other fun activities that party guests can partake in and they will not be disappointed. For example, there is an area to play basketball while jumping on the trampolines. Also, there are dodgeball courts available where guests can enjoy a new spin on the game. Ever the crowd favorite is the foam pit which offers a cool break from bouncing.

Altitude is a great location to host a trampoline party because the venue handles most of the details including set-up and clean-up. Even better, you do not have to worry about food. There are packages available that include pizza. Altitude allows guests to bring cake which of course is a great way to finish of any special occasion.

Book a Trampoline Party

Book your next event with Altitude Louisville, the largest trampoline complex in the area. Scheduling your occasion is hassle-free. Choose how many people you’d like to attend. Select a room (trampoline or private) and choose your preferred food option. Review all packages and waiver information. Booking is easy and can be completed online.
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No drop of allowed. All children must have adult present at all times for safety measures. No outside food/drinks allowed unless you have a booked party with us.