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Easy Kids Party Idea

January 22, 2020

Your Next Kids Party

Organizing a kids party should be fun and hassle-free. There are some parents who spend plenty of time putting together an event and there are others who wait until the last minute to toss something together. Regardless, party planning should not be an exhausting task that taxes your patience and your budget. Parties for children should be two things: simple and fun. If you are looking for the perfect party combination, consider a trampoline party at Altitude Louisville. 

Kids Party at Altitude

kids partyAltitude Louisville is an indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. The venue is ideal for ages and there are many different attractions to enjoy. Children love the idea of a trampoline party because it is an activity that most of their Quick read more or view full article friends will like. Parents on the other hand will enjoy the fact that children will be engaged for two hours while getting a great workout. There are some party ideas that are not suited for outside depending on the weather or season. At Altitude Louisville, you can have a gathering any time of year, rain or shine because the venue is fully-enclosed. All of the activities take place inside which makes it the perfect venue. 

A kids party is never boring at Altitude Louisville. On-site activities besides the trampolines include, a foam pit, a dodgeball court, a basketball court and tumbling tracks. An additional highlight for parents of smaller children is the toddler play area. The venue is not only fantastic for groups but it is an awesome spot to hang out on the weekend with family or friends for a few hours.

Booking your next kids party at Altitude Louisville is easy. Groups can be booked online with options for pizza, a private party room or open celebration area. Parents can throw an additional twist on to the party by bringing cake and decorations for the table. A staff member will be assigned to your party to handle things like setting up your party and cleaning up once it is over. If you are hoping to have a simple yet entertaining party, then Altitude Louisville is the way to go. 
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Kids Party Activities

December 19, 2019

Fun Kids Party Idea

kids partySkip the challenges involved in planning a kids party by hosting your next event at Altitude Louisville. Celebrating birthdays and milestones is a great opportunity to try something different, venture away from the usual. Planning gatherings can be hectic, but they certainly do not have to be. At Altitude Louisville, you can have an entire party with activities included, all in one place. The venue is a large indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex loved by children of all ages. 

One of the most popular activities that children enjoy is jumping and flipping on a trampoline. Now, kids can play at a trampoline park that is fully-enclosed and available rain or shine. Bad weather does not have to halt the kids party when Quick read more or view full article you choose to book an event at Altitude Louisville. Planning your next occasion takes just a few steps and has absolutely none of the usual hassles. 

Kids Party Adventures

Adventure abounds at Altitude Louisville. There are many different attractions for kids to enjoy while spending a couple of hours at the trampoline park. In addition to an open jumping area with wall-to-wall trampolines, there is a foam pit, basketball court and dodgeball court. Children can also practice their skills on tumbling tracks. There is plenty to do at Altitude that will keep kids engaged for a couple of hours. 

Booking your next kids party is easy. Simply visit Altitude Louisville’s website and select the number of guests and your party date. There is an option to add pizza or order your own from a different restaurant nearby. If you have smaller children, a toddler play area is also available. Simply bring a cake and some decoration and the staff at Altitude Louisville will relieve some party planning stress by helping with both the set-up and clean-up. 
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A Main Event for a Kids Party

November 15, 2019

Organize the Best Kids Party

kids partySearching for a place to hold a kids party can be challenging. There are many new ways to celebrate parties and special milestones but not every venue is appropriate for children of all ages. Altitude Louisville happens to be an indoor trampoline park that is popular among children both large and small. Hosting a trampoline party is a great way to promote physical activity and gather some really fantastic memories. Most importantly, booking a party at Altitude Louisville is easy. In just a few simple steps, you can be on your way to holding the best kids party of the year.

Altitude offers many attractions for children which makes it an excellent choice for celebrations. The trampoline is a fun apparatus that Quick read more or view full article almost everyone enjoys. Altitude takes the trampoline to new heights with a variety of activities that children can participate in while attending gatherings. The venue is appropriate for large and small groups looking to celebrate nearly any occasion. Whether you are planning a birthday party or a team-building outing, Altitude has something to offer for everyone. Hosting a party at the indoor trampoline park is a hassle-free path to the perfect party. 

Kids Party Activities

Keeping children entertained for a set amount of hours is one of the biggest challenges that exist when it comes to planning a kids party. Altitude solves the problem of finding things to do by including a number of exciting activities for children to enjoy. There is a dodgeball court, basketball areas and a foam pit just to name a few. There are tumbling tracks for kids that love to practice gymnastics moves. The part is 41,000 square feet and bursting with hours of fun. 

Booking a party at Altitude Louisville has been made easy. Celebrations can be booked online. The venue does offer the option to add pizza and water. In the case of birthday gatherings, cake is permitted and can be brought on site for celebrations. Guests have the option of celebrating in a party room or in an open area. There truly is something for everyone at Altitude Louisville. Book your next celebration at the best trampoline park in town. 
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A Cool Kids Party

October 9, 2019

Kids Party Ideas

kids party
Congratulations if you have been tasked with planning a
kids party. Although the idea may seem overwhelming at first, with some organization, you should be on your way. There is absolutely no reason why planning a children’s birthday gathering should be stressful. In fact, you should aim to keep your party simple but also fun. The first thing on your to do list is to make a list, a checklist that is. A checklist will help you stay on task and make sure that every single detail is just right.

Save on time and frustration by allowing plenty of time to plan for a kids party. It is not necessary to plan an event months out, but you also should not wait until Quick read more or view full article days before the event to start the planning process. Consider your own schedules and responsibilities when creating a plan. Remember, there is no reason why planning a birthday party should be a headache. You should definitely try to have a little bit of fun while you are at it. 

Kids parties are fun to plan when you have a little bit of help. Allow your child to participate in the planning process as well as siblings or family members. Your child can share with you any special requests such as a specific theme or favorite colors that he or she would like to incorporate into the event. Do not be afraid to ask for help and do not take on the entire process alone if you do not have to. 

Kids Party Locations

Finding a location for a kids party is an important step that is required to keep things moving. When choosing a venue, think about its proximity for travel and any items that may be included. Does the venue offer food or entertainment? Altitude Louisville is a popular party destination for children. The indoor trampoline park has everything you need to host a party all in one place. 

Altitude is an indoor trampoline park designed for children of all ages. Children are able to jump on enclosed trampolines, play basketball, dodgeball or hop into a foam pit. There are many attractions at Altitude which makes it a great choice for celebrations. Parents can reserve either a private space or a table out in the open area. The entertainment complex is ideal for groups of all sizes and most importantly, provides an exciting experience. 

Planning a party should not be a hassle, keeping everything in one venue will save both you and your guests time while allowing you to focus your energy on celebrating, taking photos and making lasting memories. 
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No Fail Kids Party Planning

September 15, 2019

Kids Party Planning Made Easy

kids partyCelebrating birthdays are always a memorable time for families and friends. Planning a kids party is exciting because you can really get creative with some unique ideas. One of the most popular ways to celebrate is by having a trampoline party. The parties are great for children of all ages and they do not take a great deal of effort in terms of planning. Most importantly, kids will enjoy the experience of jumping in a trampoline park for a few hours. 

Altitude Louisville is a popular indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. The venue is sought after for celebrations because it is a one-stop shop for fun. At Altitude, kids can enjoy enclosed trampolines, a basketball court, a dodgeball court and a foam pit just Quick read more or view full article to name a few attractions. The park is appropriate for children and teens who enjoy being active. 

Check out the following tips for planning a successful kids party centered on the trampoline. 

Plan Ahead.

You can book your party online through Altitude’s website. Select the number of guests who will be attending and reserve your party date. While planning for a kids party, consider the age of the guests and what attractions will be most appropriate for them. The size of your party should also be guided by the age of the birthday person. Having a set number of guests will help with ordering food, beverages and preparing swag bags. 

Kids Party Planning-Decorate on a Dime

At Altitude you can book a party room to celebrate or hold your gathering in an open area. If you choose to book a party room, you can personalize your party with a theme. Decorations however, do not have to be costly. You can shop bargain stores, craft stores and discount shops to find nice items for a fraction of the price. Whenever possible design your own decorations as it will cost far less than buying pre-packaged supplies. Moreover, creating your own designs will allow you even more freedom to be creative and personalize the experience.

Experience all of the fun there is to offer at Altitude Louisville. Book your next kids party here for lasting memories. 
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Plan a Great Kids Party

August 11, 2019

Best Kids Party Ideas

Is it time for you to plan a kids party? If so, look no further than Altitude Louisville as the premier party destination for children of all ages. Altitude is an indoor trampoline park with plenty of attractions to enjoy. Providing hours of fun for kids and adults alike, Altitude Louisville is centrally located and a breeze to find, a plus for your party guests. Planning a party should be relatively hassle-free, why not make it easier by hosting your event at a place that delivers it all. Below are a few helpful tips to get you started on the road to planning your first great trampoline event.

Helpful Party Planning Tips 

One of the first things that you should do is select a venue. With Altitude Louisville, the job is Quick read more or view full article already done for you. Although Altitude is located in a place that is easy to find, don't forget to include the address and contact information on your invitations for people that may need to navigate further away to your engagement. 

Send out your invitations without delay. Early on in your kids party planning activities, you should create a list of guests that you would like to invite. A good rule of thumb is to invite the number of guests that match the age of your child so that the party is not too overwhelming. Decide if you will also invite siblings and if parents are welcome to stay and join in on the fun or if they are allowed to drop their children off. Ensure that you accomodate enough space for chaperones if parents will be dropping their children off for the duration of the party. Consider choosing a rally point to meet up with your guests and a place for parent pickups once the party ends. Specify an accurate start and end time for the party. It is a good idea to allow some additional time for cleaning up after your event as well. 

Booking a party with Altitude Louisville is easy. You can select your party packages online through the company website. Simple choose how many people will be attending and if you would like to include pizza. You may also have your party in a private room or celebrate in an open seating area. Leave room on your guest list for last minute add-ons or people that may R.S.V.P. late. 

Altitude Louisville offers plenty of activities for children to enjoy such as a dodgeball court, basketball court and foam pit. Just because you host your party at an indoor park versus at home does not mean that you have to skip the personalization aspect. While the trampoline park provides the entire experience, you can also make it your own by bringing themed paper goods and utensils, table centerpieces and decorative balloons. You can work a theme that your child loves into party invitations, goodie bags and of course the cake. Pizza can be included or you can order from a local supplier near by. 

Often after a great party and once many cool gifts are received, people do forget to send out thank you notes. Sending thank you notes is a great way to show appreciation for your guests venturing out to celebrate with you. You can include with your thank you note, a printed group photo to commemorate a fun day at Altitude with friends and family. Book your next kids party at Altitude Louisville and start creating new memories.  Read Less
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Top Kids Party Planning Ideas

July 2, 2019

Kids Party Adventures

kids partyPlanning a kids party is an exciting adventure. The more often you plan parties, the better you will get at it. Chances are you will be working on planning and hosting many parties so why not dive in and get creative? Believe it or not there is a strategy to putting together the best party. While no two gatherings are alike, there are a couple of tips that will certainly make the process easier for you. 

Throwing a kids party should be simple. The fact of the matter is that kids like uncomplicated fun. Keep in mind that your party should be entertaining for all. If you are in search of a kids party idea that is among the most hassle-free, consider Altitude Louisville as your top choice. Quick read more or view full article Altitude is an indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. The venue which is popular among kids of all ages offers many attractions and activities for kids to enjoy while celebrating an occasion. 

Kids Party Activities

Altitude Louisville not only has large enclosed trampoline areas but there is also a basketball court, dodgeball court and foam pit. 
Reserving a kids party at the trampoline park means that most of your party planning checklist will be squared away. 

Planning Tips
Set a budget and do not exceed it. 
Choose a venue that fits your budget
Create a guest list
Determine the date and time of your event
Book your venue in advance 
Choose a party theme
Send out invitations two weeks before the event
Save some room for parents that would like to stick around with their children 
Confirm guests 2-3 days prior to your event 
Keep decorations simple
Enlist the help of friends and relatives

Offering a budget-friendly venue for groups, Altitude Louisville is the perfect place to hold a celebration because everything is included. You do not have to worry about catering the event or spending all night preparing food becauase you can keep it really simple and just include pizza from the venue at your party. All you really need to bring is your guests, the cake and some decorations. You may choose to hold your event in a party room or in an open area depending on your preferences and party size but either way your guests will be spending most of their time enjoying the attractions at the trampoline park. 

Keep in mind that although you invite a certain number of guests, sometimes parents will wish to stay with their children. Provide ample space in your guest count for additional attendees. There are activities for children of all ages at Altitude and there is also a toddler play area as well. 

Choosing a party theme does not have to be complicated and most of all should be a simple task. You can work almost any theme into your party with a little creativity, playing with colors and making items such as goody bags unique. Discover what Altitude Louisville has to offer for your next celebration and your next party will certainly stand out from all the rest.  Read Less
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Easiest Kids Party Ever

May 18, 2019

Plan A Great Kids Party Fast

kids partyHaving a birthday party is a must, especially for younger children who love to invite their friends, classmates and families along to celebrate. Planning a memorable kids party is easier than it may seem at first glance. Achieving party perfection does take time, effort and a little bit of practice. Once you ditch the extravagant plans and turn to simple ideas, you will be throwing the party of the year without a hitch. 

The best kids party is all about the experience. What do you want your birthday boy or girl to remember the most. Really young children may not remember a great deal without some pictures and great stories while older children will definitely bank the event away in their memory. Altitude Louisville Quick read more or view full article is a great party venue choice because not only will kids enjoy hours of fun while jumping on massive trampolines, but they will without a doubt remember the experience.

Book a Kids Party With Ease

Hosting a celebration at Altitude is easy. Your kids party planning will allow you to have all of your activities in a single location. Need food, Altitude has it. In need of an entertaining activity for a couple of hours? Altitude is the entertainment. Altitude Louisville is a indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. Jumping and bouncing around for hours is an activity that any kid would love but at Altitude there is even more to explore. 

The sporty kids in your group will enjoy playing basketball and dodgeball on trampoline courts. There is a foam pit as well as tumbling tracks for plenty of additinoal play. So, not only can children enjoy free play but they can battle it out in a friendly game of dodgeball or basketball. Parents can join in on the fun in this highly-interactive and exciting indoor playground. Altitude has something for everyone which makes it an ideal celebration destination. 

The entertainment complex makes it very easy to book your celebrations. In fact, you can just go online to book your party. Simply select the number of guests that will be in attenance and your party options. Pizza is included or you can order your own. You are able to bring your own cake to the celebration and decorations for your party area. Altitude will assign a staff member to help with the setup and cleanup of your event which means there is less for you to do and more time to enjoy the party.  Read Less
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Incredible Kids Party Made Simple

April 17, 2019

The Ultimate Kids Party

kids partyPlanning the ultimate kids party takes some organization and a little bit of patience. The truth is planning an event can be stressful though it really shouldn’t be. If anything, strategizing the perfect event should be fun. With a few simple tricks however, you can plan the best kids party without the hassle.

When planning a party, you should ensure that you have ample time for what else?  Planning! Allow yourself plenty of time to work out all of the details so that your event will go off without a hitch. Early on, you should make the following key decisions to get you started on your party planning quest:

Where will you hold the event?
When will you hold Quick read more or view full article the event?
How long will your event be?

The type of party and number of guests will largely determine some of the important steps in the entire process. If you are looking for a place that can accommodate a small or large party, consider Altitude Louisville, a popular indoor trampoline park for children of all ages. Altitude is the perfect place to hold a kids party.

Kids Party Theme

Choosing a theme is a fun step in planning a kids party that allows you to be creative. Think about your child’s favorite characters or special interests when selecting a theme. Work those items into your invitations, decorations, serving items and goodie bags. Altitude takes care of the venue however, you can bring your owned themed party essentials to add to your celebration.

While planning your event, always keep your budget in mind. Consider how much you would like to spend on the venue, invitations, decorations, food, beverage and any additional details. Budgeting can help you save money and allocating expenses so that you can get the most of your party without additional stress.

Altitude provides the ultimate entertainment experience for a fraction of the cost of hosting parties elsewhere. In fact, your guests can enjoy jumping, playing basketball and dodgeball on fully-enclosed courts. If you choose, you can include pizza with your event and the setup and cleanup is taken care of by event staff on site. Instead of stressing over choosing a venue and an activity to entertain kids, you can focus on other details or simply join the fun.
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