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Great Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

February 18, 2018

Looking for Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Great Kids Birthday Party Places Near MeHave you wondered where to search for kids birthday party places near me? Look no further than Altitude Louisville, a trampoline park that is sure to deliver hours of fun for your child and their friends. Planning the perfect birthday party can be completely exhausting. Deciding on all of the minor details is tough. Finding the best location to celebrate a birthday party can be even more challenging. Altitude Trampoline Park is a unique entertainment complex that combines the action of your favorite sports with wall to wall trampolines. The trampoline park is fully-enclosed and offers a number of fun activities for partygoers to enjoy. Hosting an event at Altitude will quickly end your search for the best kids birthday Quick read more or view full article party places near me as it is the premier destination for fun with family and friends.

Best Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

As one of the best kids birthday party places near me, Altitude Trampoline park takes the headache out of planning a memorable occasion for your loved one. Birthday parties should be unforgettable. Although some crowds can be tough to please, there is something at Altitude for everyone. Moreover, trampoline parks inspire people to be active as getting a great workout and breaking a nice sweat is to be expected. Why settle for a sedentary activity like playing video games on a cramped party bus or inside of a crowded arcade? While kids love playing video games, encouraging children to be active is a positive. Leading the best kids birthday party places near me, Altitude will provide endless physical activity for your favorite tumbler and friends. Holding your birthday party at Altitude is a wonderful decision. Partygoers will enjoy jumping, somersaulting and playing games like basketball and dodgeball. Why not have some delicious snacks for your guests as well? Altitude can handle the fun and you can take comfort in knowing that your birthday girl or boy will have one of the best birthdays ever. Read Less
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Popular Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

January 4, 2018

Cool Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

In the hunt for popular kids birthday party places near me, you will soon discover that there are so many options to choose from. When deciding what type of celebration to have, it may be tough to determine what will be most enjoyable for your child or loved one. Kids birthday parties should be fun, memorable and of course not break your bank, unless of course money simply is not an option! Most people who are searching for popular kids birthday party places near me are looking for the best value for their buck considering the number of guests that will be in attendance. Large birthday events can not only put a nice dent into your bank account, but planning them can also be quite a headache. One of the best ways to avoid planning headaches, unexpected fees, and downright disasters is to host Quick read more or view full article your event at a party venue.

Discover Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Altitude Louisville is option for anyone looking to discover popular kids birthday party places near me. Altitude is a large indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex designed for all ages. What is best about Altitude is that you can host your birthday parties there without having to worry about planning your own party and entertainment at home. Altitude is a one stop shop for hours of fun for both young and old. Young children, teens and adults will find plenty of activities to enjoy which is why the venue is the ideal location for celebrations. There are many attractions at Altitude that are designed to keep party guests entertained during your event. Whether you decide to have a large gathering or something small and private, Altitude is certain to deliver a memorable occasion. Indoor trampoline parks provide safe, fun within a fully-enclosed environment which is perfect for when you’ve got to keep an eye on little party goers. Read Less
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Great Trampoline Parks

October 25, 2017

Fun Trampoline Parks

Trampoline LouisvilleThe trampoline provides a great way to experience physical fitness with some added excitement. For some people, working out can be very boring so they are always in search of new activities. Not everyone is up for going to the gym and some people simply lack motivation to get active. Whatever the case may be, a trampoline is a simple alternative that can offer a complete body workout. If you do not have anywhere to jump or bounce at home, do not despair. Trampoline parks are becoming a popular way to address the challenge of working out. If you are looking for an easy way to stay active, going to a trampoline park might be the perfect answer. Trampoline parks provide fun for all ages, even adults. Best of all, jumping on Quick read more or view full article a trampoline will give you a great cardio workout. Even if you are not a gymnast you can test out your skills and practice different moves such as flips and jumps while building strength in your muscles.

Trampoline Fitness

Fitness is a lifestyle and adding the trampoline to an already existing workout can only enhance your performance. Workouts do not always have to be regimented. Sometimes, getting your body moving with regularity can involve doing any activity that gets you moving. Altitude Trampoline Park is a great place to go for trampoline fun. At the entertainment complex you can play sports such as dodgeball and basketball. You can also practice tumbling and try out your skills at climbing. If you have children, Altitude is loaded with activities for kids to enjoy while also promoting physical fitness. Getting active does not have to be a chore. Trampoline parks offer a great opportunity for the entire family to get up and get moving in a fun environment. Read Less
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Dodgeball Birthdays

August 14, 2017

Plan an Awesome Dodgeball Birthday Party

DodgeballSummer is coming to a fast end but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to. If you haven’t thought about Dodgeball as a possibility, you totally should. In fact, as school begins parents will be looking for new and creative ways to celebrate their children’s birthdays. After all, you simply cannot do the same activity that you did last year. Classmates will be looking to enjoy some good times with friends doing something unique. A dodgeball birthday party at Altitude is a great way to celebrate a birthday or any special occasion. As the cooler weather approaches and outdoor picnics and pool parties are a thing of summer’s past, dodgeball provides a great indoor alternative that is equally as enjoyable. Kids will have the opportunity to squeeze Quick read more or view full article in a good workout, enjoy plenty of laughs and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Dodgeball for Kids, Teens, and Adults

The game is age-old however, Altitude offers a unique twist for both kids and adults to enjoy. The games take place inside of enclosed courts and best of all participants can get an extreme workout by bouncing on trampolines while playing. Now this is something that kids will not be able to do in a traditional gym class setting. Let the games begin! There is plenty of fun to be had for kids ages 7 years old all the way through 18 and up. Even if you do not happen to have an occasion to celebrate, you can always head to Altitude for just for the fun of it. Outside of private parties, the trampoline park offers leagues, pickup games, and daily practices designed to get your game strong. Dodgeball is a fantastic way to break from the norm and work up some sweat on the court. Read Less
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Jump around at Louisville

March 14, 2017
You’re sure to have a great time if you bring your group event, organisation or company to Altitude Trampoline Park Louisville.
Trampolining is great fun; and we’ve got an impressive space - we’re the largest trampoline park in Louisville. Have a large group? No problem! We accommodate up to 600 people.
We have warm, friendly staff on hand to welcome you and your group to the park. You’ll be shown a safety video; and briefed on the basics of jumping before you’re let loose on the park.
Even if your group fills our park, we’ll ensure that you’re safe. Our trampoline walls stand tall to 8 ft; but even beyond that, we have safety netting strong enough to withstand 150 lbs per square inch!
We also have several court monitors at Altitude, so you can rest assured that there will always be someone keeping an Quick read more or view full article eye on your group, and making sure everyone is safe.
Our park in Louisville is an ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) certified park, as are all of Altitude Trampoline Parks. ASTM creates the highest standards for safety in the industry, which sets Altitude apart from many other parks in the industry.
It’s not just jumping that’s on offer if you bring your group to Altitude. We have dodgeball games, competitive jumping, and much more!
This is what one of our customers had to say about their bouncing experience:
‘Our first time going was fantastic! We surely will be going back.. the staff is friendly and professional.. I would recommend this place to anyone with children...Even adults can have a good time!!’
So even if you’re an adult in charge of a children’s organisation, feel free to jump along with the kids! There’s no age restriction here at Louisville, although those under 18 must have their waiver signed by a guardian.
There’s no danger of any of your group going hungry, either.  Drinks, ICEES, and pizza are available at our snack bar along with assorted snacks.
We’re open 7 days a week; so any time can be ‘jump around’ time for your youth club, sports group or organisation!
Find out more about hosting your group event at Altitude: Read Less
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Have a Bouncin’ Birthday Party

March 14, 2017
So it’s your birthday. You’re based in or near Louisville, and you’re looking for something fun to do. Something that will be memorable, a good atmosphere, and something that your friends will love too. You’ve spent hours racking your brains for some fun activities to do.
But have you ever thought about having your birthday party at Altitude Trampoline Park in Louisville?
Hiring a trampoline park for your birthday may seem unusual, but it’s surprising just how fun a bouncin’ birthday party can be.
So what do you get for having your birthday party at Altitude?
We offer a ‘trampoline party package’  for you and nine of your friends. This includes the following:
  • 2 hours of jump and party time
  • Full access to the entire trampoline park including main court, foam pit and dodgeball courts
  • Personal Altitude Trampoline Park party host
  • Party setup and clean-up
  • Free bottled water for Quick read more or view full article all party attendees
  • 1 free jump pass for the birthday boy/girl
  • 1 free Altitude T-shirt
  • 2 large pizzas to eat after all that bouncing
  • Plates, cups, plasticware, napkins included 

What a package! Imagine being let loose with your mates and having the entire park to yourself, equipped with over 120 trampolines. You’ll certainly be hungry after all that bouncing, so why not fill up on some delicious pizza with your friends after an energetic couple of hours ‘bouncing. Once you’re done, you’ll get a free t-shirt and a free pass to come back to Altitude whenever you want.

If you’re a parent, feel free to let your little ones loose as they jump and bounce their way around Altitude. We’ll take care of everything, from the organisation to the cleanup. You don’t need to lift a finger - so why not get out there and join the kids for a bouncin’ birthday party!
Find out more about birthdays at Altitude Trampoline Park Louisville:

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