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Most Popular Trampoline Parks

May 21, 2018

Popular Trampoline Parks Among Things to Do

Most Popular Trampoline ParksTrampoline parks are a fantastic way to spend the day with family and friends. Children will especially enjoy hanging out and playing inside of the park’s venue which consists of enclosed trampoline parks and play areas.

One of the best aspects of selecting trampoline parks as a go to destination are the fact that they are indoors. Indoor parks simply perfect on rainy days. The venues are an ideal alternative to other indoor activities that are more sedentary such as video gaming for example.


While it would be a dream to have a trampoline at home, it is not always feasible nor safe. Altitude Louisville provides a safe environment for children of all ages to enjoy the trampoline experience. Home trampolines Quick read more or view full article can be exposed to weathering and positioning them in a safe place may also present a challenge. At Altitude, the entertainment complex is well-padded so children can try all types of maneuvers.

Top Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks are also great venues for celebrations. If you or a loved one has an upcoming birthday or milestone which calls for celebration, then Altitude Louisville is your top party destination. The entertainment complex alleviates the headaches associated with planning  party because it is a one-stop shop for fun.

Entertainment at Altitude is the complete experience. There is a main court, areas to play basketball and dodgeball, tumbling tracks and toddler play areas. Booking your celebration at Altitude means that you do not have to be worried about food and beverages and there are many eye-catching surprises on site for your birthday girl or boy.

Trampoline parks are not limited to birthday celebrations. In fact, organizations can also patron the entertainment complex for morale-building activities such as dodgeball.  In addition, trampoline parks are a great way to get active and enhance your workout while being entertained. They are an excellent alternative to mundane gym workouts on heavy equipment while also providing the perfect cardio workout.

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Top Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

May 21, 2018

Best Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

Planning a birthday party for your child is sometimes challenging. Trying to decide what activity to do and deciding whether or not it suits your budget are just a few of the things that make party planning a headache. If you are trying to narrow the best kids birthday party places near me down, your list may consist of the same redundant activities. Do not despair, your party planning is easier with Altitude Louisville.

As a large trampoline park and entertainment complex for all ages, Altitude tops the list of best kids birthday party places near me. You do not need to look any further than your local area to find the perfect venue to host your child’s birthday party. The venue offers absolutely everything you need to make your birthday event the best it’s ever been.

Excellent Kids Quick read more or view full article Birthday Party Places Near Me

Top Kids Birthday Party Places Near MeChoosing a great party venue is half of the battle when it comes to party planning. As a planner and attendee, you want to ensure that your guests are entertained, well-fed and that of course your birthday boy or girl has the best day ever. Don’t think you can top last year’s birthday festivities? Consider the best kids birthday party places near me and Altitude will top your list.

At Altitude Louisville, you can definitely take your birthday events up a notch. From indoor wall-to-wall trampolines to basketball and dodgeball, your party guests will never get bored. If they are not playing games such as basketball or dodgeball, they can bounce around the main court, on tumbling tracks or hop in to a massive foam pit.

Altitude provides next level entertainment for modern kids of all ages. There is also a toddler play area for small children to play safely at the trampoline park. Even adults who are kids at heart can partake in the festivities at Altitude for a truly engaging family experience.

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Fun Dodgeball Places

May 21, 2018

Fun Dodgeball Places for Kids
Fun Dodgeball Places

You do not have to look very far in Louisville for a fun place to play dodgeball. In fact, Altitude Louisville is the premier destination for non-stop fun. The trampoline park is a great place to enjoy a game of dodgeball which is quite different than what you may be used to. The entertainment complex is home to a variety of fun activities for guests of all ages.

Dodgeball is an amazingly simple game that almost everyone can play. Most people are familiar with the rules which are not complicated at all. Actually, almost everyone has played a game of dodgeball at one time or another. The difference at Altitude is that the game is played on trampolines which is sure to offer Quick read more or view full article even more excitement.

At Altitude Louisville, you can practice skills while bouncing away from your opponents. Players will enjoy the freedom of tumbling, bouncing and somersaulting their way throughout the court in an experience that consists of non-stop action. One thing is for sure, you can expect to make some awesome memories while also working up quite a sweat!

Dodgeball for the Whole Family


If you are in search of a unique way to entertain your family and friends, then Altitude is a great option. Why not get out of the house and get moving? Even if you are not a fan of dodgeball, there are many other activities that your guests can enjoy. The entertainment complex offers games such as basketball and even a toddler area for the littlest ones in your group.

Altitude offers something for everyone and of course of dodgeball is your game of choice, you will not be disappointed. There are also opportunities to play pick-up games, join a league or even participate in team building activities for your business or organization which is an excellent way to build morale. A trampoline park is an excellent escape from the mundane, allowing you to release energy and squeeze in a great workout while you are at it.



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