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No Fail Kids Party Planning

September 15, 2019

Kids Party Planning Made Easy

kids partyCelebrating birthdays are always a memorable time for families and friends. Planning a kids party is exciting because you can really get creative with some unique ideas. One of the most popular ways to celebrate is by having a trampoline party. The parties are great for children of all ages and they do not take a great deal of effort in terms of planning. Most importantly, kids will enjoy the experience of jumping in a trampoline park for a few hours. 

Altitude Louisville is a popular indoor trampoline park and entertainment complex. The venue is sought after for celebrations because it is a one-stop shop for fun. At Altitude, kids can enjoy enclosed trampolines, a basketball court, a dodgeball court and a foam pit just Quick read more or view full article to name a few attractions. The park is appropriate for children and teens who enjoy being active. 

Check out the following tips for planning a successful kids party centered on the trampoline. 

Plan Ahead.

You can book your party online through Altitude’s website. Select the number of guests who will be attending and reserve your party date. While planning for a kids party, consider the age of the guests and what attractions will be most appropriate for them. The size of your party should also be guided by the age of the birthday person. Having a set number of guests will help with ordering food, beverages and preparing swag bags. 

Kids Party Planning-Decorate on a Dime

At Altitude you can book a party room to celebrate or hold your gathering in an open area. If you choose to book a party room, you can personalize your party with a theme. Decorations however, do not have to be costly. You can shop bargain stores, craft stores and discount shops to find nice items for a fraction of the price. Whenever possible design your own decorations as it will cost far less than buying pre-packaged supplies. Moreover, creating your own designs will allow you even more freedom to be creative and personalize the experience.

Experience all of the fun there is to offer at Altitude Louisville. Book your next kids party here for lasting memories. 
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Tips for Planning Kids Parties

September 15, 2019

Planning Parties for Children

partiesParties are an ideal way to celebrate an occasion or milestone. Some celebrations are more appropriate than others and it largely depends on the child’s age. Younger children may enjoy many games and activities, while older children may prefer activities that are more low key. A party idea that is ideal for all ages is a trampoline party. Older and younger children will have a great time hanging out at a trampoline park for a celebration. Altitude Louisville is an excellent venue to celebrate a birthday and booking your next event is easy. Most importantly, booking a trampoline party will not break your budget. 

Choose a celebration date and time for Parties

Initially, deciding when to hold parties is a tough decision. The more you party plan, Quick read more or view full article the easier it becomes. Usually, kids do great with midday parties that occur around noon or after 1 p.m. Your party should be no longer than a few hours, somewhere between 3-4 hours depending on the age of your child. 

While it is ideal to have parties on an actual celebration date, it is not always possible due to availability. Planning ahead early is the best way to secure event space in a timely manner. If your selected date is not available, try to be flexible and have a few other dates in mind. A good option is to choose the day before, the day after or weekend after a birthday to celebrate. 

Choose Paperless

In the past, it was common to give out physical invites. Today, you can save some time by creating a digital invitation using one of the free services online or create your own digital flyer. As long as all of the event details are included (who, what, when and where), it will be easy to distribute. Guests can even reply online so that you have an estimate of how many guests will be attending right away. 

Shop Smart

Hosting a party at a trampoline park like Altitude Louisville means that everything will take place in one area: food, entertainment and the celebration itself. You can add a personal touch to parties by purchasing your own decorations. Search for discounted crafts and consider making your own versus buying branded party items from large retail establishments. Dollar stores are a great option for simple party supplies.

Consider booking your next party at Altitude Louisville for a fun and memorable time. 

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Plan a Trampoline Party Celebration

September 15, 2019

Trampoline Party Options

trampoline_partyThrowing a trampoline party at Altitude Louisville is simple. The indoor trampoline park allows guests to book parties online. All you have to do is choose the number of guests that you would like to attend. Safety waivers can also be completed online so that you can shorten the amount of time spent waiting in line at the venue the day you arrive. Your two-hour party will consist of jumping, either a party space or open area to celebrate, pizza if you choose and fantastic attractions for kids.

You can still make your trampoline party your own when you choose to celebrate at Altitude Louisville. If you choose to book a party room, you can bring your own decorations, cake and swag bags for giveaways. Pizza is always Quick read more or view full article a plus and water is included. Don’t forget plates, napkins and utensils for your cake or cupcakes. You may decide to personalize things by choosing a special theme that your child enjoys. The theme can be included in decorations, the cake or perhaps you might request that guests wear attire that also matches the theme for some added fun. 

Birthday parties at Altitude Louisville are the best in town. Kids will not only enjoy spending time on the trampolines but other activities include a foam pit, dodgeball court and a basketball court. Children of all ages will enjoy a celebration at Altitude. Book your next birthday and start creating some stellar memories.

Book A Trampoline Party

The trampoline is a great focus for a birthday party. Planning a trampoline party is easier than you might think. Kids love jumping around on trampolines. You can do a simple party at home however, not everyone has a trampoline in their backyard. A simple solution is to hold your party at a trampoline party venue. A place that is great for hosting birthdays is Altitude Louisville. Altitude is a festive entertainment complex that is ideal for celebrations. Ultimately, it is an indoor trampoline park, perfect for children of all ages. Read Less
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