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Booking a Trampoline Party

October 14, 2018

Try a Trampoline Party

Booking a Trampoline PartyLooking for a new way to celebrate? Consider hosting a trampoline party! If you don’t happen to have a trampoline of your own, then Altitude Louisville has you covered. The venue is the largest trampoline park in the area and a huge entertainment complex for children of all ages. Jumping and bouncing on trampolines is a fun way to get kids moving and will without a doubt be the highlight of your event.

You may be wondering what else Altitude has to offer besides bouncing around. First, the venue is indoors and fully-enclosed. This means that you can throw a trampoline party rain or shine any time throughout the year. You can get really creative and celebrate almost any type of Quick read more or view full article event at Altitude though birthdays are a likely choice.

Besides jumping there are some other fun activities that party guests can partake in and they will not be disappointed. For example, there is an area to play basketball while jumping on the trampolines. Also, there are dodgeball courts available where guests can enjoy a new spin on the game. Ever the crowd favorite is the foam pit which offers a cool break from bouncing.

Altitude is a great location to host a trampoline party because the venue handles most of the details including set-up and clean-up. Even better, you do not have to worry about food. There are packages available that include pizza. Altitude allows guests to bring cake which of course is a great way to finish of any special occasion.

Book a Trampoline Party

Book your next event with Altitude Louisville, the largest trampoline complex in the area. Scheduling your occasion is hassle-free. Choose how many people you’d like to attend. Select a room (trampoline or private) and choose your preferred food option. Review all packages and waiver information. Booking is easy and can be completed online.
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Party Ideas for All Ages

October 14, 2018

Party Planning Tips

Party Ideas for All AgesFinding the perfect place to celebrate a party has just gotten easier. Altitude Trampoline Park in Louisville is a great venue for gatherings of all sizes. In fact, there is something to do for children of all ages so you will never get bored. If you have never been to a trampoline park, you should certainly give it a try. Chances are you will want to keep on going back and tell all of your friends about the amazing time you had at Altitude.

Throwing a memorable party is worth the trouble but the planning process can be a bit of a headache. When there is a time crunch, making fast decisions about where to hold your event, how many Quick read more or view full article people to invite and what to serve for food can be entirely frustrating. Ideally, you should allow adequate time for planning to include searching for venues.

Selecting a venue that is nearby always makes sense. You will want your guests find the festivities with ease. Altitude Louisville is an ideal entertainment complex that happens to be local so the guests that you invite should have no problem finding it.

Party Activities

One of the main concerns that event planners have besides ordering enough food, decorations and where to hold an event is entertainment. Depending on the ages of your guests, deciding what activities to enjoy during a 2-4 hour block of time can be very challenging. When planning your engagement, ensure that the amount of time spent celebrating is appropriate for the age of of the children in attendance.

At Altitude Louisville, the entertainment portion of your party is built in to the entire experience. Nearly every kid enjoys jumping on a trampoline and even some adults do as well. Altitude offers a great way to keep children engaged. Some of the activities that kids can enjoy include dodgeball courts, an area to play basketball, tumbling tracks and a foam pit.

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Planning Kids Parties

October 14, 2018

Cool Birthday Parties-All Ages

Planning Kids PartiesPlanning kids parties is a breeze with the right approach. The best way to keep the process stress-free is to stay organized. Allow yourself plenty of time to manage all of the minor details that will eventually lead to a fantastic occasion.

When it is time to plan parties, one of the first things that you’ll want to do is decide how many guests you plan on inviting. Knowing how many people will be attending will help you determine where to hold your event. The venue should be in a convenient location, large enough to accommodate your guests and within your budget.

Altitude Louisville is an ideal venue for hosting parties because it is local and in close proximity to Quick read more or view full article area highlights which is a plus. Finding the venue is easy and since it is an entertainment complex, it is large enough for groups of all sizes.

In addition to choosing your guest list, you will also want to ensure that the main event is age appropriate. Altitude offers a number of activities for children of ages. Typically 2-hours of entertainment is enough to keep children engaged when combined with time for food, drinks, cake and gifts. Longer parties may be more appropriate for older children ranging up to 4-hours.

Planning Tips for Parties

Keeping planning checklist is a helpful way to stay organized when planning. In addition, allow plenty of time to book your event. You may consider booking an engagement one month to two weeks in advance depending on how busy a particular season is. Send out your invitations for kids parties about two weeks in advance and allow one week to receive RSVPs.

When you book a party at Altitude Louisville, you do not have to worry about finding an activity for your guests because the main attraction is none other than the trampoline. The concept is exciting and kids will enjoy hours of fun. There are plenty of activities at the complex which include basketball, dodgeball, a foam pit and tumbling area.  Explore party packages at Altitude to find which one would be perfect for your event.
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