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Dodgeball Birthday Parties for Kids

July 14, 2017

Dodgeball Fun Any Season

DodgeballSummer is officially in full-swing and if you are looking for fun and exciting places to enjoy with the family, then Altitude Trampoline Park should top your list. School may be out but that does not mean that your little ones have to give up some of their favorite sport activities from gym class. Dodgeball is just one of several activities that kids can enjoy at the largest trampoline park in Louisville, Kentucky. Best of all, Dodgeball at Altitude is not just for the kids; adults can join in on the fun as well. The popular game is typically played in elementary and secondary schools however, its growing popularity among recreational groups is sure to have avid players looking for places to play the game indoors when weather is not permitting or Quick read more or view full article temperatures are simply uncomfortable.

A Dodgeball Game with Bounce

Altitude, one of the best kids birthday party places in the area promises a fresh spin on the age-old game of dodgeball through the use of trampolines. Trampoline park visitors can participate in the game starting at age 7 through 18 and up. Best of all for the true dodgeball fans out there, the park offers opportunities such as daily practice, pick-up games, leagues and private parties. The courts are enclosed so you do not have to worry about being exposed to the elements and can play any time during the year. If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your child's summer birthday dodgeball is a great idea and will keep all of your partygoers active as the game provides a complete workout and integrates none other than the trampoline allowing players to bounce between the floors and walls; talk about exhausting! This type of action cannot be experienced on a dusty field or inside the school gym. Read Less
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Find the best kids birthday party places near me

July 14, 2017

What are the best kids birthday party places near me

kids birthday party places near meMany parents are wondering, “where are the best kids birthday party places near me?” When the kids are no longer satisfied with cake and ice cream and no longer want cupcakes delivered at school, do not despair. Even if your children have outgrown Chuck E Cheese, there are still plenty of options available for hosting an unforgettable birthday party at any age. Sometimes deciding on the best birthday party for kids requires a little bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box. So, if you still asking yourself, “what are the best kids birthday party places near me?” consider all of the possibilities and factors involved in putting together a fantastic celebration. Think about your child and activities that he Quick read more or view full article or she enjoys. Consider your guests and what might be most entertaining to them. Other things to think about would be the weather for indoor or outdoor occasions and finally, how much effort do you want to put into hosting the event?

Unique Kids Birthday Party Places Near Me

There are many activities that kids enjoy such as roller skating, laser tag, paintball and bowling, but if you are looking for something a little different that will keep your guests active, consider a trampoline party. Trampoline parties are a hassle-free way to gather children of all ages together for a fun-filled day with non-stop action. Children both young and old enjoy bouncing and flipping in a safe environment. There is nothing better than squeezing in some physical fitness while enjoying popular games that are usually played on solid ground. Best of all, trampoline parties can provide hours of fun for both boys and girls of all ages all year-round since they are indoors. When searching for the best kids birthday party places near me, keep in mind what other amenities are included during your event. Ideally, party packages should include food and beverage options for your guests, a designated area to celebrate and a scheduled time to play. Planning birthday parties can be a headache but they should not be. If you do decide to host a trampoline party, inquire about the minimum or maximum number of guests that are required to create a party. Also, find out if you are able to bring a cake and your own decorations. Ask about what food options are available and learn about alternate dining selections for any guests that may have allergies. Trampoline parks usually require a parental waiver for participation and safety so, ensure that you have included all of the necessary details for parents in your invitations. Remember to allow ample time to plan your party, prepare and send your invitations and allow time for the R.S.V.P. Read Less
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Trampoline Parks Provide Fun-Filled Workouts

July 14, 2017

Bounce and Somersault at Your Favorite Trampoline Parks

trampolineHonestly, who doesn't enjoy bouncing around and practicing gymnastics on a trampoline? While some people are lucky enough to have the space in their backyards to have their own, others must wait to go to a gym or gymnastics facility. If you are not into working out and do not want to attend gymnastics but still crave the adventure of being airborne, a trampoline park might be a fun alternative. Trampoline parks are growing in popularity not only because they encourage physical activity and a full-body workout, but because they provide hours of fun for both kids and adults. Bouncing on a trampoline is a great way to release energy, strengthen cardio, and practice some really cool somersaults.

Trampoline Parks Offer Fun Year-Round

Many trampoline parks now offer themed atmospheres where they integrate popular Quick read more or view full article sports such as climbing, basketball, tumbling, fitness workouts and dodgeball for example. The activities are high-performance and high-energy offering healthy and exciting alternatives to traditional sports and fitness routines. The parks also provide an engaging alternative to sitting inside of a packed restaurant with a singing mouse or playing video games for hours. Kids can actually get up, get moving and interact with friends and family while having a memorable experience. Hosting a birthday party at a trampoline park is a great way to celebrate child's special day because the activities are ideal for both boys and girls of all ages. The trampoline parks are also a great way to entertain children on rainy days when weather does not permit a trip to the playground. Indoor play areas a perfect all throughout the year regardless of the temperature. Trampoline parks provide a multi-dimensional experience for kids and adults alike. The facilities provide a safe place for kids to experiment and test out their tumbling skills or simply enjoy playing some beloved games with friends and family. While adults may also enjoy engaging with their children in tumble and play, they may also enjoy participating in workouts that would otherwise be boring in a regular gym. Overall, trampolines are a great way to encourage physical activity, health Read Less
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